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    1. Lyndon says:

      Someone called me from this number, wouldn't disclose identity. Just got this number so I don't know why they are calling!

    2. Angelo says:

      I too received a call from these people on my job and they are also calling my co-workers and telling them I have a legal complaint against me.  Who are these people?????  How do we stop them from this?  There is no way a legitimate corporation would disclose to someone other than the person they are calling that there is legal action on a person.  I am appalled and livid that these jerks are getting away with this!

    3. Robt says:

      Received a call from this #. This is scam at it again! Caller will not say the company they represent. They use threat tactics to intimidate. Hang up and report caller to the Federal Trade Commission and the Attorney Generals office in your state. Federal Trade Commission is 1.877.382.4357. The FBI is 1.888.225.5322.

      These callers are breaking the law. Legitimate callers will state who they are and the company they represent. They will send you a statement or letter of declaration with their letter head name and phone number, purpose of the letter stating the amount of debt owed. If they refuse to send you that or give excuses, hang up and report them. Also, if your phone number is on the National Do Not Call List, they are absolutely breaking the law. That goes for telemarketers and solicitors as well. These people have a list of numbers that are on the Do Not Call List, but they call you anyway. If so, remind them and they should stop calling you. If not, report them immediately!

    4. Wilford says:

      Called Me Three Times, The Third Time I Answered And They Didn't Say Anything.

    5. Wilbert says:

      Won't le ave us alone annoying

    6. Cornelius says:

      That's great but we're all in the situation. CDW relentlessly calling my small business means that I'm wasting my time dealing with CDW instead of working to feed my family in this tough economy.

    7. Florentino says:

      Received call at 11:45 a.m. (Michigan time)

    8. Willard says:


    9. Freddie says:

      Similar experience. I don't get it, why call, then shout good bye?

    10. James says:

      united states dental department

    11. Alden says:

      I have gotten a couple of calls from this number, but no message. I, too, think it is a telemareketer.

    12. Charlie says:

      For got to mention, it is past 12:00 midnight

    13. Jame says:

      Offers you a free wireless Security system in exchange to put a sign in front yard

    14. Garrett says:

      They have called me multiple times saying its Michelle Williams and I need to contact her asap. Didn't mention what company she worked for or why she was trying to contact me.

    15. Gerard says:

      I have recieved three calls from this number.