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    1. Rudy says:

      I also received this message and I have a Straighttalk phone.

    2. Tyrone says:

      Es d multi vitaminas para vender pastilla a los cojones

    3. Eugene says:

      I have received the same phone call from a Ray Johnson. He made threats against me, saying officers were going to my work place to file a judgment against me and I better contact an attorney. This was to happen in Feb of 2011. I told him I had my bank statement to prove that money was never given to me or taken out of my account. Don't give them any information like account numbers or bank statements! I didn't get an attorney, but I did inform the state police and the attorney general.

    4. Rick says:

      B***h im gone kill you next time I see you.

    5. Dale says:

      This jerk keeps calling me soliciting some crappy website he is selling.

    6. Ambrose says:

      Repeatedly called, but nothing was said on either occassion

    7. Clinton says:

      Ashley oconnor and matt rathbone. They keep threatening me and everything. Vursing me out I don't want to deal with it.

    8. Ivory says:

      Got a text msg Saturday: "Need some quick cash for bills and expenses? You can get up to $1500 tomorrow! It's easy, just visit

    9. Claude says:

      This caller is a scam. Wants money to repair and/or improve your credit scores. For $495 they will increase your credit scores by 100 points minimum. They want your credit card numbers and social security number. Do not answer their calls. If you do, hang up. Do not give them any information. I've reported them to the local authorities and they are presently under investigation. Personally, jail would be too good for them.

    10. Dwight says:

      Got a call from this number tonight did not answer, no message left

    11. Shelton says:

      We get the same calls and treatment, only from different area codes several times a day.

    12. Clint says:

      Got a call too from this number and my number is unlisted. Where did they get it from? Very annoying

    13. Erwin says:

      Company female representative speaks Spanish (Colombian accent) offering prizes and when I asked her to remove my phone number from the calling list, she rudely says it's my loss and hangs up! Many phone calls per week, from this number and others, same company! File a complaint with the Florida BBB (the company is based in Florida). Company Name: Televentas Inc

    14. Harvey says:

      Did not answer - looked suspicious

    15. Kory says:

      Recording for auto insurance