219-493 Phone Me Not

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    1. Mac says:

      Called the civil court in my city. Said that they had no idea what I was talking about. told me I would be arrested too. They are fishing for you infomation. Then I called the BBB. They told me to register a complaint with

    2. Elroy says:

      My experience confirms the other messages.  Three calls today.  My wife answered first and couldn't understand a word of what the caller was saying.  We've received two other calls, but because of caller ID, we know who it is and don't answer.

    3. Stanford says:

      want to block just for today

    4. Irving says:

      It says reward redemption scam

    5. Gerard says:

      Received two calls from this number in three days. I did tell the caller that I would not like to be called again, but obviously they don't care about that and keep calling. I would like report this number if I receive another call from it.  BTW, I never told anyone else my number except my wife.

    6. Fred says:

      Las Vegas timeshares sales

    7. Noel says:

      Yes, I have been called by this person also.  Meet on line he is definitly praying on woman. Asked for money but I didn't give.

    8. Johnathon says:

      this morning i got 4 calls from this number within 2 hours. i'm trying to figure out a way to punish this company. it is some auto loan shark offering me a way to become one of their victims. any ideas out there? perhaps i could give them phony information,maybe a dead persons, anything to cause them a problem.

    9. Michel says:

      a dog means more to him then u

    10. Julian says:

      Just called me but I didn't answer......Its from Midland, MI....called back said my call couldn't be completed at this time....definitely spam

    11. Isidro says:

      Got a phone call from this # today.  Didn't recognize the # so I didn't answer.  Looks like area code 125 doesn't even exist.  Probably a SCAM.  Beware!  Also strange as they called my house "late" 9:35 pm EST.  Even telemarketers know not to call after 9 pm.

    12. Kris says:

      There should be an edit feature for this do there don't have to be double post

    13. Juan says:

      Trying to get me to sign upfor something

    14. Cordell says:

      caller is very abusive and rude.block this loser

    15. Miguel says:

      Saying your daughter kick our dog..I got that call a lot of times different numbers