219-850 Phone Me Not

  • 219-850-4671
  • 219-850-4672
  • 219-850-4673
  • 219-850-4674
  • 219-850-4675
  • 219-850-4676
  • 219-850-4677
  • 219-850-4678
  • 219-850-4679
  • 219-850-4680
  • 219-850-4681
  • 219-850-4682
  • 219-850-4683
  • 219-850-4684
  • 219-850-4685
  • 219-850-4686
  • 219-850-4687
  • 219-850-4688
  • 219-850-4689
  • 219-850-4690
  • 219-850-4691
  • 219-850-4692
  • 219-850-4693
  • 219-850-4694
  • 219-850-4695
  • 219-850-4696
  • 219-850-4697

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    1. Edwardo says:

      Same here this is a Nigerian Fraud he tries so many times the text he sends you is a Google number you get online for texting ,I know this guy he keeps sending me ,he goes to CraigsList dig there and search for items and tries to bargain on the price and then he agrees to buy it asking you for your Paypal account and if you do not have one he even guides you on how to open one,Take the payment write a fake tracking number by USPS and take his payment cause later your payment will get reversed cause he is a hacker that hacks credit cards from many countries and use them

    2. Fletcher says:

      I got this same number on my caller ID...I have never had an account with T-Mobile and have tried to call them back with no reveil...I wish they stop calling me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Reginald says:

      This number has called my cell phone several times, always around 6 a.m. The automated message asks me to accept the phone call by pressing #1. I finally did but nothing happened.

    4. Javier says:

      I also got a call from them, asking for the make and model of my car.  I asked a bunch of questions until they hung up on me.

    5. Hector says:

      mr. block says healthcare no. of some sort. block!

    6. Vito says:

      Un wanted calls from this number . You answer and all they say automatic voice "goodbye"

    7. Edison says:

      Collection service for Verizon.  Claims I owe $300+ on a land-line that was disconnected over 1 year ago.  Disconnect took place within a few months of installation due to bad connection of line.  Account was paid in full at time of disconnect.  Spoke with Angela Group # 1207.  Instructed her not to phone me again on my cell phone.

    8. Adalberto says:


    9. Hai says:

      This is not spam this is a number for my voice mail!

    10. Luigi says:

      I missed a call from 1602453890, they  left no msg and when I tried to callback - it said I was not able to complete this call and to check the directory.   ??????

    11. Ben says:

      Talks very nasty over the phone, banned!!!#

    12. Thad says:

      THIS IS AN EXTORTION SCAM. Scammers pretend to be law enforcement (police, sheriff, Feds, AG's Office, fake cop agencies with made-up names) and may be using bought/hacked/phished loan application data to extort money or personal info for fictitious crimes.

    13. Mathew says:

      Definitely WEIRD!! Appears message is from Jenna... Mine read "Hey Angela how are you? Long time no see! I broke up 4 months ago however I'm ready to date again & I need some advice! Do you want to go for a drink?"

    14. Chadwick says:

      No one said anything and the call disconnected after I said "Hello". My caller ID shows the call was from Washington.

    15. Felipe says:

      I received a call from 209-236-3018. I did not answer. No message was left.