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    1. Chauncey says:

      Always calls and no one there

    2. Steve says:

      Called asking me to buy vacuums

    3. Erwin says:

      Just missed the call seconds ago. Called it back twice and it is busy....impressive business huh?

    4. Grant says:

      block messages of this number

    5. Darron says:

      Yes, scam. He is telling a friend that they have 7 backlinks. Sure, using link: tool which everyone knows returns false reports. My friend actually has 350 keywords/phrases in Google's organic results on Page One. And this clown says 7 backlinks. Google webmaster tools which reports accurately 2,994. This guy is a SCAM trying to scare people using a broken google tool. Shame on him.

    6. Alfredo says:

      Says I won a $1,000 Best Buy Gift Card.... and links me to winbestbuy.com/?2

    7. Jesse says:

      He called me last month out of the blue, I said to call back later when I would be more situation (and graduated). Right after the initial phone call I typed his number in and sure enough found items such as things reporting what he's up to. Low and behold, he gave me another call this morning - got my name wrong, and would not give me the name of the company when I asked for a website to look at (I already knew it was a scam, just wanted to see what he'd say) - said to "not believe what they say about them", and that I'd have to "look at the Fortune 500 articles". I just said no thanks and his mood seem to change instantly..... avoid at all costs. Wants you to come in for an interview without knowing the name of the place, incredibly shady.

    8. Isreal says:

      stop it from texting me and calling me

    9. Mariano says:

      Said "Congratulations...? Please call (877) 439-0876 to claim your $100 rewards certificate? ? Reply STOP to be removed ?" Please stop this crap.

    10. Benny says:

      This person is no longer accepting your test messages or phone calls from you.

    11. Shannon says:

      Unwanted political call, did not listen to entire msg, but was a polititian going on and on. When tried to call back to remove my number from call list, number states disconnected.  Really chicken **** way of marketing!

    12. Dorsey says:

      This number has called our business several times over the past couple months. At least once a week, multiple trys per hour. I would love some ideas on how to make this stop. I suspect that it is telemarketing via fax, based on other comments I have read on here.

    13. Elmo says:

      maybe the thaing to do is to flood that number with the same type of unwanted faxes they send out.  I used to get faxes from a travel company that told me three times they would take me off of their list--they didn't.

    14. Kristopher says:

      Calls and texts repeatedly even though he has admitted it's a wrong number.

    15. Fausto says:

      Called at 12:20 on Feb. 12, 13. Didn't leave a message