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    1. Prince says:

      I don't know how they my number but when I researched the number I discovered it is a company that harass people.

    2. Eliseo says:

      This is an entity or agency that seems to call to check to see if your phone is off or if your number has recently changed. Notice how this happens after your cellular phone has been off for at least 8 to 24 hours. One weird thing is, if you change your number on the same account, it will probably call your new new number shortly. They seem to text message you to see if you SMS server will accept or reject the message. If it accepts it, they the know the number is still active.The same for many, if not all the "congratulations you have won" messages. Not many people are aware.

    3. Chauncey says:

      I have received atleast 10 phone calls from this and related numbers from ADT in the last 2 days! I told them about 5/6 times to take me off their calling list, but I keep getting calls. One person was very nasty from 480-214-3294. I landed up telling him I was going to report them to the FTC and he responded "what for?" and I said for harassing phone calls. I then hung up.

    4. Ulysses says:

      she trouble so don't let her call are me

    5. Thaddeus says:

      I am getting these calls too.  Everyday around the same time.  I don't answer, thought it might be a scam.  Glad I found this site to confirm it is nobody I know.

    6. Elijah says:

      This number 208 254 1069 sent me a text message asking me about the condition of the PC units I am selling. After my reply, the person replied he wants me to send it to his/her spouse in West Africa, offering me $950 Canadian and asking me for my email add. pretty nice offer but Sounds fishy at the same time, doesn't it?

    7. Desmond says:

      medical alert system spam

    8. Jerrell says:

      It is World Financial National Bank. For example Wal-Mart credit cards go through them.

    9. Ollie says:

      If Apple is giving out free iPad 3, I would be notifed by Apple, I have an account. SCAM!!!!

    10. Lindsay says:

      Receive several calls a day from this number with the caller ID reading Gold Crown Properties.  When I call the number back after work it rings endlessly.  When I call the number in the morning during business hours it is constantly busy.  We're on the do not call list and I'm going to try and block the number.  It's extremely annoying.

    11. Harris says:

      8:49 am PSTFrom: 303-408-6917"Congratulations! You've beenchoosen to recieve a $1,000Wal-Mart Gift Card! Use approvalcode: GivemeVisit: GIFT40.com2end reply stop" And of course, replying STOP is NEVER honored! Unsolicited text message. A**wipes. Reported to FTC. Hopefully something will come of it.

    12. Hilton says:

      I got a call from this number saying it was for the blind. they wanted me to buy some trash babs for $44.00. Is this a scam?

    13. Nolan says:

      Called at 8:15 EST, no sound coming from their end

    14. Solomon says:

      Please Dont Call this number again youre stress,drama,confusion isnt needed,nor wanted

    15. Israel says:

      keep calling. no voicemail. never picked up.