239-335 Phone Me Not

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    1. Ike says:

      This dip s*** called me at like 8 am. Was talking in a very low tone it was a male tho, could hardly understand him so i just hung up on his dumb a**. WTF are these people?!

    2. Weston says:

      Got a text message with the same info.  Wish these guys would just give it up!

    3. Arden says:

      i have received call from this no.

    4. Timothy says:

      Unparalleled Opportunities! Text YES to discover how you can make an average of $2,000.00/mo!Is what I received.

    5. Bob says:

      I get calls from these A#%holes all the time - on my home phone and cellular.  Both are on the do-not-call list, and it's also a violation to answer a live recipient with a pre-recorded message.  The people running this business need to be strung up.

    6. Maximo says:

      Diversified Consultants - a collection agency

    7. Jake says:

      This ia a scam. They called to say I won 1 million dollars and a white mercedes if I'd get 2 reloadable money cards.  I didn't and called the police!

    8. Dane says:

      Some dumbass school I already have my degree kick rocks

    9. Lonny says:

      she's a hooker, stay away from her

    10. Graham says:

      I have got phone calls from this number stop the phone calls. no one on the other end.

    11. Carrol says:

      Called and hung up...make sure you report to police.

    12. Jewell says:

      Telemarketer for health insurance

    13. Rafael says:

      I have receiving a call from this number for so long now. No one talks when I pick up. I called back and got a message saying the number was disconnected.

    14. Bradley says:

      This is ALL a scam. My mother received one too. We noticed right away that this was a scam. We called the bank to confirm and indeed they did. The consulting company the check supposedly comes from is NOT located in NYC but rather in another state. Do your research and under NO circumstances cash that check unless you want to lose whatever savings you might have.

    15. Stephen says:

      Answered the call, sounded like breaking glass and then a spanish speaking recording. How do you block stuff like this?