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    1. Carol says:

      the call keeps coming in from 1-646-845-1902 and 205-214-7873 today and he leaves a message saying he is law enforcement and that they will send me to court if I do not pay them something like $600.00 to 2,000.00 dollar he sounds like middle eastern accent. I have reported it to FDLE and put fraud alert on my credit and had to close bank account because he did repeat it all including my maiden name which I have not used in over twenty years. I am going to persue this with a friend that is in homeland security and state attorneys office. Be careful I do not know how they obtain this informaton but it is terrible these thieves. I am a state employee and this I will report to the state agency I am working in as well. He is desparate he called me on Friday with the 646 number and now the area code 205. These are all in the new york area but they could be anywhere.

    2. Lucius says:

      keeps calling about a family member who is deceased

    3. Florentino says:

      I got a call from this number on June 7, 2012 at 8:55 pm. The man knew my first name and said he was from the Education Resource Center. He said I had filled out a form and he asked if I was still interested in continuing education. I told him I hadn't filled out anything for a few years. He said he'd take me off their list.

    4. Hoyt says:

      This person sends a lot of promotional texts duplicated.

    5. Damien says:

      This company called me, when I pressed 1 to speak to someone and asked to be removed from their call list - they hung up.

    6. Angel says:

      Ne répondez jamais a ce numéro .c'est de la fraude ...

    7. Jeff says:

      Constant calls and all they do is hang up- no message!

    8. Phillip says:

      Some idiot from this number called and my answering machine picked up "Hello Connie? 'a huh huh huh'" and hung up.

    9. Gregg says:


    10. Jay says:

      He stay wit momma an aint got no $

    11. Armando says:

      This number calls repeatedly and this is annoying and harrasssing.

    12. Maurice says:

      Spam text about credit rating assistance

    13. Charlie says:

      Unknown caller who is this nimber

    14. Herb says:

      I got a another call from another phone number as well and called back, selected #1 and it stopped the phone calls.

    15. Alfred says:

      THE recored message SAID THEY WERE FROM WIKILEAKS AND THAT SOMEONE at our home had accessed classified info online and that we were liable for prosecutionAnd they wanted us to give a reason why we had done so - no one in my home has ever b een to that site