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    1. Alexis says:

      I just got the same phone call.. I think it's internet marketers calling to sell a home biz opp.

    2. Max says:

      It is Chase Collections .... Anyone who does business with Chase

    3. Pat says:

      # keeps hurasing my sister..

    4. Rashad says:

      called and left a voicemail about working from home-it was a mans voice but definitely a recording!

    5. Merlin says:

      Tried to call back from a blocked number and kept getting disconnected. Called back from my cell, the phone that originally got the call, and was immediately placed on hold indefinitely. Obviously their system can identify the number calling them and the call reacts accordingly. Been on hold now 3 minutes, just ugly piano music with occassional "your call is very important to us, please stay on the line and your call will be answered by the next available agent". Followed by later by, "good-bye". Idiots.

    6. Alfred says:

      I cant believe i fell for this i feel like such an idiot. I had gotten into a binde and need some money so. I recieved a call from this number so i called them back and I was told that i needed to pay the first month payment which i could understand. SO i went a purchased a money pak card for 180.00$ then I called back and i was transfered to the bank load department talked to a ellen stone where there was a transfer fee of 300$ so I paid that. then i was told that there was  a 500$ insurance fee at this point I knew something was up I was then transfered to a Mark Jones who claimed to be the CEO told him i just wanted my 480.00 back and my application to be distroyed he said he could no give me my funds back i then asked why he said that it was non refundable i told him i was never informed that these fees were non refundable he then got angry with me and said just call me when you have the 500 i said i dont have it nor will i have it because they took all of my money. I then argued with him a bout getting my money back he was presistance that i can not get it back he then hung up on me and i kept calling back then told me that he was going to mark my application as something not sure the term he called it and said that he would call the police on me. today i have been getting intouch with money pak to inform them of the situation i know i wont get my money back but so they can add it to the list of scams.

    7. Judson says:

      ADT trying you sell an alarm system... No thanks.

    8. Darwin says:

      just left me on hold. Never came back

    9. Malik says:

      Sumone talkn bout i won a trip on a cruise...asking me for my account info...

    10. Marty says:

      It comes up as LTD Financial SRV on my caller ID.  

    11. Arron says:

      I got a text message saying "I hid the body". I don't know anybody in WA

    12. Nicholas says:

      recording, selling auto insurance. Scam.

    13. Gustavo says:


    14. Alejandro says:

      Relentless scammer. Claim they are collecting for different charities but refuses to go into details and will get hostile if you ask questions. Don't give them any information.

    15. Brady says:

      I keep getting texts from this number despite my messages telling them to stop. VERY annoying!