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    1. Rashad says:

      called and left a voicemail about working from home-it was a mans voice but definitely a recording!

    2. Merlin says:

      Tried to call back from a blocked number and kept getting disconnected. Called back from my cell, the phone that originally got the call, and was immediately placed on hold indefinitely. Obviously their system can identify the number calling them and the call reacts accordingly. Been on hold now 3 minutes, just ugly piano music with occassional "your call is very important to us, please stay on the line and your call will be answered by the next available agent". Followed by later by, "good-bye". Idiots.

    3. Malik says:

      Sumone talkn bout i won a trip on a cruise...asking me for my account info...

    4. Marty says:

      It comes up as LTD Financial SRV on my caller ID.  

    5. Arron says:

      I got a text message saying "I hid the body". I don't know anybody in WA

    6. Nicholas says:

      recording, selling auto insurance. Scam.

    7. Gustavo says:


    8. Alejandro says:

      Relentless scammer. Claim they are collecting for different charities but refuses to go into details and will get hostile if you ask questions. Don't give them any information.

    9. Brady says:

      I keep getting texts from this number despite my messages telling them to stop. VERY annoying!

    10. Kelley says:

      I got this same deal today my disabled aunt called to tell me that this joker mclane called and said that my ex that is the mother of my two kids had wrote bad checks and the cops where looking for her. Then he told her that I should contact him to get the info so that when she goes to jail I will know to get my kids. First off this guy is good cause I was never married to my ex and some how he found my last name witch I share with my aunt and contacted her.

    11. Hilton says:

      They looking for a black fugitive on main st. And he is wearing a greyish hoodie and blue jeans beware of my surroundings because he is armed and dangerous.'

    12. Kendall says:

      An advertisement for two tickets to the Bahamas by answering 10 questions.

    13. Lawerence says:

      Got this text message: "Hey call me at this number, 323-213-4134, ma battery is low and i need to tell u something... hurry up!! its a emergency"

    14. Eugene says:

      Beware...this phone number is linked to 616-613-2044 which has been reported as a scam number!!!!!

    15. Ralph says:

      Call 'em back and press 9 to be removed of the list