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    1. Edwardo says:

      Received a text message from a man stating he was a Terrell Sheffield and that he worked at Data Finance and was hiring. I looked up the number and found it was spam he constantly tried to push me to get on my im but i refused. He never contacted via phone call only text. I sent him a screen shot of his bogus company and told him to not text me anymore.

    2. Hipolito says:

      I got a call from this no. +91120442222 for the job for a telle caller

    3. William says:

      am also got missed call from this number.......

    4. Doyle says:

      Yeah, I didn't pick it up. From the comments, looks like its a SPAM.

    5. Lucius says:

      Robo-call from a carpet-cleaning outfit. "Press 1 to set up an appointment." *BEEP* "We're sorry, but all our operators are busy assisting other suck-- uh, customers. Please prese 1 to leave your name and number." *BEEP* "My phone number is ###-####. I am on the Federal Do Not Call list. You are in violation of Federal law by continuing to call me."

    6. Isreal says:

      Idk you. So I don't answer you!

    7. Floyd says:

      They wanted to fix my debt...

    8. Wilber says:

      Accurate Processing Services

    9. Leonard says:

      I get at least three calls a day from companies actually claiming to be Google. It's annoying. By this point I don't know how I would know if the real Google did call me.

    10. Errol says:

      I just received a call from 205-313-6750. The caller identified himself as "Jay Kelly" with the Alabama Sheriffs Department. I told him the person he was asking for was not home. He then pried for when the person would be at home. I said all I could do was take a number. My caller ID showed the 313 number, but Jay Kelly gave me 1-800-557-1454 ext.310 as a callback number. I googled the number and it is listed as being owned by     "Windstream Communications", an internet and communications business in Arkansas that has over 600 reports on file with the BBB of fraud.

    11. Hal says:

      Insurance marketing phone call

    12. Porfirio says:

      To remove your number, Go to WCA Consent .com and fill out the removal form.

    13. Kendall says:

      I work for a technical support company and one of my customers called in saying that he had received a phone call from 209-813-2817.  He spoke to a "Jordan".  He got confused and thought that it was our company.  His computer is now completely down and won't even boot up.  

    14. Erik says:

      Many calls from this number. Who is the owner?

    15. Rosario says:

      4 call in less than 5 hours to my wireless number.  There was a brief delay, before I heard a connection and "This is Jennifer from Caribbean Cruise Lines".  Ended the call right away.  Never leaves a message if I ignore or let it ring.