248-424 Phone Me Not

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  • 248-424-5402
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  • 248-424-5409
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    1. Dewitt says:

      I received a text message to go to http://ipad3winner.info to get a test iPad.

    2. Claudio says:

      They called my parent's ,and left a message. I do not appreciate these calls. There should be some kind of way, the FBI can stop this.

    3. Cliff says:

      Target gift card promotion

    4. Sam says:

      The same number keeps calling my phone. They call at least once a day. When I answer the phone, there is not a person on the other end...

    5. Jeff says:

      We just had a call from this jerk and we told he to remove our number..,.we were told "to remove our selves from the world":  My husband then said  that we =were on the do not call list. The jerk told him that he was going to punch him in the face.  My husband said he would have to leave India to do that.  The jerk said he was in Pakistan.  The jerk then proceeded to tell him  he was going to take him down and kill him.

    6. Lanny says:

      Just got a message from this number. Message was blank.

    7. Jeramy says:

      received a text saying congrats your number has made you Apples winner go to hppt://apple.ca.bgbss.biz/2 and entercode 6417 to claim an Apple product. Be sure to register now.

    8. Jamel says:

      This is an automated call from Walgreens Pharmacy letting you know that your prescription is ready.

    9. Gary says:

      Some kind of collection agency in Grand Island, NE. THEY would not give out much info about them selves. Wanted my SS #. Told them no and Hung up. Blocked their number, too!!

    10. Fermin says:

      This number is listed on a sign for contact number for slum apartments in Munford, Alabama

    11. Robby says:

      This is a college recuiting agency

    12. Trinidad says:

      keep callin to take money from like if he saling something

    13. Lucio says:

      person keeps calling but leaves no message /calls 3 times on august 27 ;3 times on august 29;once on august29

    14. Barton says:

      The woman spoke Spanish. I told her I did not speak Spanish I live in America. She seemed upset that I did not speak Spanish and tried using broken English asking if I spoke Spanish. I told her no I did not speak Spanish and good bye and hung up.

    15. Phillip says:

      Solicitation. I'm on a do not call list