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    1. Raymond says:

      Have you actually tried to participate in their offer and attend their seminar?

    2. Ralph says:

      I got called from 253 292 3647 many time a day when I said hello they hang up my phone is do not call list I try to let them know

    3. Kelvin says:

      I think this is a scam!!! they will text you from this number and offer to purchase something you have for sale.... they will not talk to you, only text, period!! so we thought something was up... now we have gotten a check from them at $3000.00 more than the asking price ... this is a check I refuse to cash!!!!!

    4. Dannie says:

      get a daily call out of Tacoma. Woman asks for my a man with name similar to my son who hsa never live where we are now. I hang up EVERY time. How do we stop them? Seems like harrassment to me.

    5. Carlton says:

      Didnt answer and let vm pick it up in hopes of finding out who this is. No one said anything and hung up.

    6. Reuben says:

      This number comes up on my cell several times a day and they hang up when I answer. This am there was actually someone on the other end. I advised them they were calling my cell and I wanted my number removed from the data base NOW! We'll see....

    7. Antonia says:

      Get calls from this number constantly.. Never leave messages! Annoying!!

    8. Emerson says:

      Asheville N.C. 828-236-1954

    9. Hubert says:

      some kind of medical complications thing. crap anyway

    10. Margarito says:

      rewards card telemarketers

    11. Keenan says:

      Cancelled my card this morning. Same deal - questionable charge for $9.45. Bet many more will be having similar stories soon.

    12. Chet says:

      Please tell me who is the owner of this phone number

    13. Keenan says:

      I received similar, though when I replied, the email bounced (Note the yahoo rather than gmail address).

    14. Dorsey says:

      Dna ladies. While he was enroute to me I asked him was he alone because I thought I heard someone talking and he said hes alone. But when he got to my door he waved someone off and I looked out the window and another guy was standing outside. He claim the guy wasnt with him and they were dressed alike. Smfh. Beware I didnt let him in. Two african guys dressed identical. They might even be twins.

    15. Grady says:

      I received a text from 509-262-5375, written like she is my friend, "hey this is Kristy...need you to complete this application. Do it right away!" When I checked out the application it had a fake header from indeed.com & this 240 # which I Googled.Most definitely a scam!! Do not give out your personal information. They only want to steal your identity...there is no job