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    1. Dewitt says:

      This guy is must be outsourced or something. He doesn't even pronounce my name right, he harrasssed me on my cell and at my work phone. When I do talk to them they refuse to let me know why there calling yet want money.

    2. Damien says:

      When I answered the phone they just said oh I'm sorry

    3. Augustine says:

      Not a real call back number

    4. Rodolfo says:

      received the a text claiming to be from at&t account services regarding my billing zip-code.  didn't reply

    5. Billy says:

      Said they were russian mobbster and wanted to have sex

    6. Morgan says:

      Constant repeat sales calla.. no real person, Just listen to short pitch, long enough to allow the actual person time to make verbal contact. I hung up before the actual person could speak.

    7. Rico says:

      call MCLEODUSA TELECOMMUNICATION SE (319-790-7000) who owns the number and they will tell you to call your local law enforcement to make a report. When Mcleod USA gets enough reports they can then investigate the number and shut them down ;)

    8. Len says:

      So was it any good or just some small cruise ship?  What kind of rooms did you get.  Is it worth the airfare?

    9. Dick says:

      it is from a web site that a person can type there cell phone number into

    10. Cyril says:

      this same guy screamed, ranted, called back incessantly (even after i told him not to call the number again), called from different numbers, got smart on the phone, etc. this is ridiculous. he is calling in reference to a credit card that is being drafted monthly out of our bank account. he has no reason to call. said his name is larry woods. i am reporting him.

    11. Minh says:

      Got the same call from this number. The caller had a foreign accent. When I asked which company he was, he simply hung up.

    12. Micah says:

      for someone who has a unlisted number i sure do get some phone calls this one came up CM RCH GRP don't know them and don't want to talk to them

    13. Johnny says:

      keep getting call daily from (609) 224-4544.  I do not answer

    14. Elliot says:

      annoyingly keeps calling

    15. Scot says:

      they call and don't leave messages. this happens every few weeks. Fortunately, this is a dummy phone number for me(Magic Jack) which is strictly a voip backup for the land line and mobiles, still, it is annoying