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    1. George says:

      Wanted to speak to someone who is no longer with the company. She said she was from some hosting company.

    2. Branden says:

      I've been getting calls from this number for about a week. same as everyone else...call my cell, if I answer they hang up. if I call back it goes to voicemail.

    3. Maria says:

      She's an AVON lady too...

    4. Andres says:

      They want to try to lower your credit card bills!

    5. Johnathon says:

      I got a text from 303 518 2550, it was harmless but strange....

    6. Jefferey says:

      Message claimed I won a contest.  I don't enter contests

    7. Cornelius says:

      This number has been calling me every 15 minutes and leaving long voicemails. It's just some ghetto sounding people talking. I'm going to block the number.

    8. Raphael says:

      Please do something about this company. They call daily and are very disruptive to our lives.

    9. Julio says:

      I called my police too. I also recommend calling your bank and credit bureau especially when they have personal information. This has to stop.

    10. Hosea says:

      Sends crazy messages at random from Texas State, female

    11. Cristobal says:

      Called this morning at 7:35 and 7:29.  Left two messages.  Them messages were fax machine noises.

    12. Dylan says:

      Sunday, 1/2/11, 3 PM, 3 calls (so far) today from this #; we get calls every day, never a message left. We are on Do Not Call registry; what good is it?

    13. Adan says:

      I received multiple phone messages on my business phone from both a female and a male with identical scripts in very broken english with thick, almost unintelligble accents.

    14. Quincy says:

      These folks lie, lie, lie, promise funds for a loan but steal all your money first, you will never get your money, they just tranfer you on to another person who in turn requests even more money......  They made me lose all I had, single mom of 2 children.  I was really hurting and falled for the offer.  DONT BELIEVE THEM!!!  I tried arguing with Luke Smith, he told me to shut up, called me a bi***, amongst other horrible things......  I hope you guys go down, pay the price for all the hell youve created with families.  I hope I have some place to live for me and my girls tomorrow.

    15. Tommie says:

      Hi I got it too!!!  texted back who is this? I received no reply.... But I checked, and its coming from a lot of different 225 numbers...... It's coming from a T-Mobile# in Nassau New York, I just a reverse lookup