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    1. Francis says:

      Received this text message:

    2. Ignacio says:

      How to get rich recording starts playing when you answer the phone.

    3. Maria says:

      How can I detect a spam number?

    4. Jarod says:

      I receive multiple calls from this number! I am on the no call list and I'm tired of it! Please stop!

    5. Cary says:

      calling at late hours with a recorded political speech.

    6. Rodrigo says:

      I received at call from this number today at work.  The guys name was Dan.  I could barely understand him too.  They said they were going to send someone to my job to expedite me to California because of non payment of a loan, which I already paid.  The trip to California would cost more than the loan owed.  I would enjoy the trip so I can visit family.(smile)

    7. Jarrett says:

      text read: Take this approx. 400 times

    8. Darell says:

      Two texts with unwanted info about irrelevant taxi service. Cost me to receive them, offer to stop if I reply, costing still more.

    9. Britt says:

      I received a call from this number but no message was left.

    10. Myles says:

      Keep receiving Fax's from "Dennis Paul" wanting to order NGK spark plugs. HA wants Quote faxed back to him and will give us His Credit Card before shipping....... We are in California, supposedly this guy is in Alabama. ''''''SCAM'''''''

    11. Deshawn says:

      Ugh...they just called too... They must be some scam sales company

    12. Frederic says:

      two calls within an hour... no message

    13. Federico says:

      pressed the button to be removed from the call list and asked the live person to do so - I'm still on it. They refuse to take peolpe off the list.

    14. Hipolito says:

      I have registers ALL of out cell phones and house phones on the Do Noy Call list, but this group WCA ignores this fact!

    15. Clement says:

      I got multiple calls from this number, no messages left. I finally answered and told them they had the wrong number. The guy had an accent, and I'm pretty sure it was the same person that has called from other random numbers (which I and other callers have also reported) in the past 3 weeks or so. I guess some kind of phone number list has gotten out recently. IT's really irritating.