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    1. Geraldo says:

      Called....then said nothing and hung up... when I call back I get busy signal

    2. Grover says:

      Has been calling me for the past three weeks now, three times a day, at least four times at least twice a week. They never leave a message, and today I finally answered their call. (They're a WA number, and I'm in FL. I never picked up the phone for them before because of this.) Anyway, when I answered there was a long silence and then what sounded like an automated voice saying something about homeless home protection. I told them to stop calling me and they hung up.

    3. Jerald says:

      Got a call today and the number came up as SMS but the person calling identified herself as Global Resources and attempted to set up an appointment with me. This is a total BS ripoff organization that keeps calling under different names. The try to get you to sign up for consulting and bill thousands. Well documented scam and ripoff that has bee perpetrated upon unsuspecting business owners. Don't even let them in your door!

    4. Refugio says:

      Advertisement text message

    5. Rodrick says:

      1409427099 received call for this no on 22.07.2013 At 16.08 pm.... the person called me spoke to me in worst manner..

    6. Brant says:

      Scam. States you have won a best buy gift card.

    7. Wally says:

      Called several times yesterday>  Left heavy breathing on answering machine.

    8. Michale says:

      Phoned 5 times on December 14th at 10:01 am,10:45 am,11:58 am,1:06 pm and then again at 2:15 pm.The woman found it funny that I got mad,I dont find it funny when your trying to work and you have some idiot keeping calling even after being told not intrested.

    9. Buford says:

      Another piece of crap promo.

    10. Rodrick says:

      keeps making harassing phone calls and text messages.

    11. Kenton says:

      They called this number  1-210-210-1739 (Looks to be located in New York) , but gave me another number to call back:315-285-4200

    12. Waldo says:

      Did not answer. Phone Co: Ymax Comm. Corp.-KY; rate center and location: Madisonville, KY.  Caller ID: Kentucky call.

    13. Dallas says:

      Received call from clown claiming to be from windows IT department indicating that he is receiving error messages.  Talked with him a few minutes and the finally said he wanted to F*** my wife and my daughter!

    14. Timothy says:

      Calls MANY times, never leaves message.  When I pick up I hear a click and a dial tone.  Today they are calling me every 5 minutes.  They are ruining my life.

    15. Ivory says:

      here name is Terrie Mccarthy tmccarthy555@gmail.com she has aids and sick take your $$