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    1. Oren says:

      have received 8 calls from this # on my work phone but never leaves a VM.

    2. Ollie says:

      These people are calling me about a reposession that they decided to sell my $26,000 car for $11,000 and now want $14,560...YA NOT MY PROBLEM...they are rude and obnoxious and WENDY O'CONNOR is the female that continues to call for me and didn't even know she was calling my mom thinking she was talking to me she was aweful and tried to explain how rude I was it was a joke...She told me my credit was way too good if I tried to file bankrupcy yet said this repo is the 1st thing on my credit report which didnt show up 2 months ago when trying to lease a condo...hmmm...REAL or FAKE!!! I'm gonna go with FAKE because IM NOT PAYING THEM...NOW I only answer the phone if i've had a bad day and i need to yell at someone!!!

    3. Columbus says:

      Yes, but I do not know anyone in Texas.

    4. Hector says:

      Continuous sending message to my cell phone

    5. Valentin says:

      I saw the number and accepted the call with my fax machine to give them a nice screech in the ear.

    6. Theodore says:

      Spam text about Skype messenger

    7. Werner says:

      This is for American Laser Centers; they call to see if you're interested in scheduling a free consultation at one of their many laser hair removal centers. I politely asked them to please remove my number & they agreed. We'll see if they call back

    8. Buford says:

      Four calls since morning... does not speak, hangs up. Very annoying

    9. Barton says:

      Hey thanks for that information. I did what you said and it worked!  I work from home and I would answer and then I would hear a long pause,so I knew it was somebody wanting to sell me something or wanting money so I would hang up... yes... annoying is right. They called every day.  Thanks again.

    10. Keneth says:

      I've been receiving calls from this number for days.

    11. Spencer says:

      caller id: unavailable. robo message saying this is Global Credit, calling to collect on a debt, gives phone number of 1-877-234-1838 to call them back. no idea why they are calling me; i have never had any debt in my life! probably scammers!

    12. Dorian says:

      FILE A COMPLAINT!FCC Federal Communications CommissionConsumer & Governmental Affairs BureauLINK: http://esupport.fcc.gov/complaints.htm

    13. Stanford says:

      jBwdmk <a href="http://dmszwsvkwygx.com/">dmszwsvkwygx</a>

    14. Neville says:

      Your working for them.  These guys are fakes and your trying to get something out the deal for them and yourself.  Shut up.

    15. Sang says:

      I have gotten 5 calls today from this number. When I answer they just hang up. When I call back it says "You have been contacted for telemarketing purposes. To stop these calls please press 1, to speak to a live person please press 2." I press 2 and it says "This voice mailbox is full and cannot take any more messages". Then it hangs up.