254-624 Phone Me Not

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    1. Loren says:

      This number is verry annoying. I have only  answere once some asked for me i said i was not there and never answered again. They keep calling not too much but at least once every couple days.

    2. Darius says:

      It's nearly 4 p.m. on a Saturday and I just got this call. It was such an odd number that I picked up but didn't say anything. A man's voice with office noises in the background said "Hello" twice...then said nothing.

    3. Jarrett says:

      I got a call saying I had won a 2010 Navigator that I had signed up for and I needed to call Frank Garcia at 1-800-545-5512 to get details.

    4. Curt says:

      I have received at least 5 messages in 1 weeks time from this number. They also wont leave me a lone. Thr number is traced to Direct Buy of FH, MI. I signe dup thinking I was going to a demonstration, but changed my mind instead.

    5. Len says:

      Call me at least once a month starting January, 2012. Never answered so not sure what or what this is but I know no one in Washington State, and my number has always remained unlisted.

    6. Emil says:

      The person asked to speak to me and my son told him I was busy and he hung up. My son said he sounded drunk,

    7. Raul says:

      this number will not stop calling and texting I don't know them

    8. Damian says:

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    9. Antwan says:

      Called and a woman was speaking a foreign language. Don't answer this #

    10. Martin says:

      Earn $100/day! Shoppers needed for retail & dining establishments! Call 877-264-9689To End, reply STOP

    11. Prince says:

      The call is from US Financial Resources. They keep calling us everyday because my husband filled out an application to find out about grant money. We have ask to be removed and told them to stop calling us and they refuse. Soon they will be fined, I've had it!!!!!

    12. Cameron says:

      It's st joesph medical hospital of Oakland county. This is not spam.

    13. Floyd says:

      got today "first choice capital loans, get up to $2500 Today, www.loans11.com Flecible re-payment, All credit OK reply stop to opt out" Getting sick of these.. the calls stop now texts... just want to break there fingers GRRRRR

    14. Warren says:

      Funny!!!  I liked your post.  They think we're dying to hand out our hard earned cash, yeah right!!!!

    15. Chang says:

      I get calls from 252 615 461777 and when I answer they hang up. Or else my cell rings two or three times and they hang up. Trying to call that number back yields busy signals or some other nonsense. Evidently the call comes from Bertie County, NC but when I start down the path of paying Intelius or some other bottom feeder to track this number they wind up their offer requiring $25 or maybe more, I've never paid them. I'm going to see if I can get the FBI interested in this.