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    1. Al says:

      These guys are from some solar power energy co. I've politely informed them that I am on the national registry "do not call list" 4x now. I have a service through AT&T where I can block up to 20 #'s from calling me but I've already used up the 20 #'s from various telemarketers. Also, these guys don't always call from the same #. One of the other #'s they use is 661-214-5998. Well I've got sumthin for em now. I went to Big 5 and bought an air horn, that's right, an old fashion air horn. When I answer the phone I let em get about 3 words into their sell and give em a blast, then I hang up. They always call right back which is ok because for $10.00 at radio shack I bought a caller id device that allows me to push a button and send out a recording to the caller that their call is now being rejected. LOL beeeatches.....

    2. Rodrick says:

      I too live in Maryland with a 301 area code. The number 205-332-3881 started calling in mid August about twice a week. As the weeks went on the calls became more frequent. Today they have called three times in a four time frame. On the forth call, I decided to answer after reading this blog and nobody was talking at the other end.

    3. Roy says:

      You are a shilling shill.. As if anyone believes you anymore.. what's the matter, did you have to come here to try to save your reputation..

    4. Ruben says:

      do not answer callsbor text

    5. Antwan says:

      Call twice in 2 minutes. Each time there was no answer after I said Hello.

    6. Noel says:

      Called n left message stating I need to return this call or have lawyer call them stating that u owe for a loan but they don't leave no file number or case number n u can't understand them cause they don't speak English well. I called the BBB on them mos. ago and they stopped calling my cell phone now they have started back....

    7. Claud says:

      Get frequent calls from this number. No sound when we pick up the call. If we let it go to voicemail no message is left.

    8. Everett says:

      The guy who answered just said hello and then hanged up.

    9. Chad says:

      They called and didn't leave a message. When I used Mr Number for verification I got "This is not a valid US number", so I assume it's SPAM...

    10. Thaddeus says:

      three times this morning, nothing message.

    11. Noe says:

      call with recording of overweight etc//I'm om NO CALL LIST another program that doesn't work!!!

    12. Darnell says:

      Who are these people? Do NOT want them calling!!

    13. Markus says:

      Recebi também, mais eu não estava próxima do celular para atender.

    14. Werner says:

      Came from add on Craigslist

    15. Milo says:

      just got a message saying "come tie me up" at 12:30 pm