256-389 Phone Me Not

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  • 256-389-1675
  • 256-389-1676
  • 256-389-1677
  • 256-389-1678
  • 256-389-1679
  • 256-389-1680
  • 256-389-1681
  • 256-389-1682
  • 256-389-1683
  • 256-389-1684
  • 256-389-1685
  • 256-389-1686
  • 256-389-1687
  • 256-389-1688
  • 256-389-1689
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    1. Bernie says:

      threatens me over a fake debt to have me put in jail scammers

    2. Bruce says:

      Didn't take the call  Tired of the calls

    3. Aubrey says:

      Did you look obviously spray tanned after the versa of double dip?

    4. Shon says:

      Called twice today trying to get bank card details from my parents in UK. I would love to shut them down. who are these people???

    5. Cruz says:

      Vanessa has several cell phones she activates or deactivates depending on how many people she has got mad at her. Her newest as of May 2012 is 304-222-5128. There is going to come a day when someones wife or even Jimmy is going to get tired of her games she plays. She ain't right.

    6. Aldo says:

      Answer and tell them they reached the federal trade commission !

    7. Randall says:

      you are talking about a different #  609-227-4849 goes to busy signal. some other # work this way but not this.

    8. Tyrell says:

      Reported 16th, Mar. 2012. looloo0ATTENTION !!!!530 area code!!!! If you call 243-345-6789 you will end up calling some totally innocent people because (243) is not a valid area code in the us so what you are really calling is a 243 number which is not the number calling you!!!!!!! (243) is a valid PREFIX in the 530 area code. Please dont be rude, you need to report the problem to AT&T, beleive me they are aware of the problem! This number is originating in Africa. If you insist on calling them back you must use the international code before dialing.Please educate yourselves and dont be dumb!

    9. Pierre says:

      Stupid number calls me all the time.  Finally I called it back, some Hispanic chick answered and I blasted her and told her to knock this sh** off or I'd report her and to quit calling everybody else as well, that we're NOT interested in donating ANYTHING.  Grrrrrrrrr.

    10. Hal says:

      Don't know who it is. No one saids anything

    11. Roland says:

      I got a very similar call from this number as all of you are describing. The man on the line said he was in California and wanted to confirm my address, and asked my age, and proceded to tell me about the magazines. Yet he did not try to sell them to me. He told me that I had won 48 months of free magazines from 6 different subscribers, and just told me to enjoy them. He said that the final drawing would take place Dec. 31.

    12. Erwin says:

      Low ball craigslist loser

    13. Chang says:

      I Keep getting calls from this number.. who is this if it continues i will call the police

    14. Sydney says:

      Hang up call. Called back and got a Google voicemail service.

    15. Wesley says:

      Useful site, this is. Got to know who is calling me during midnight.