256-572 Phone Me Not

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    1. Robert says:

      This guy is going strong... Received a text message he wrote: "What is the size of the dress and its last asking price."  - right away i knew something was wrong because my ad clearly states the size and the phone number area code is not local.. NEVER EVER deal with someone not local.  ANYTHING remotely suspicious.. discontinue contact immediately.  Please pass the message along to other's that will fall for this kind of scam.

    2. Russel says:

      Got several calls from this nobody never talks

    3. Ken says:

      this dude is a scammer trying to buy a car... plays the old I'm out of town and will have an elite company pick up vehicle?? what a joke...

    4. Rodolfo says:

      I never did an online survey of any sorts about any jobs so this is spam.

    5. Kelvin says:

      Someone please kill these people, they call all the time. They steel your card number & sell it overseas. They need to be stopped !!

    6. Norberto says:

      Recieved this message on my phone.

    7. Lindsey says:

      That phone number is connected to a scam email address posted on hotjobs.com ----------------------------------Marketing Communications SupervisorKitchen Fair (div. of Regal Ware) in Arlington, TX seeks Marketing Communications Supervisor for Mexico and Latin America to dev. & prod. all field comms & promo programs. Req's Bach in Marketing, Graphic Design, Communication or related field + 2 yrs exp. Design program exp & fluency in spoken & written Spanish req. No Calls. Fax resume 262-626-3600. or 16244@DFWapply.com

    8. Grover says:

      asking a lot of personal questions about relatives health history.

    9. Herb says:

      I've had the same exact situation and am happy to read, so I don't think I'm going crazy with all these (206) calls.

    10. Hershel says:

      I Received one call they did not leave a message.

    11. Miquel says:

      Hello I was wondering did this so called lady give you a pic of her and her girl and did she also say that she was hard of hearing I just want to know if this is the same person. also did you give this person any information and if you did how did you stop it. If you could get back to me soon that would be so helpful.

    12. Rey says:

      dont want no call or messages from this number.

    13. Jean says:

      Just great another new # calling and never bothering to leave a message. Do they really think I am going to answer? If it is important, leave a message.

    14. Gabriel says:

      The number is spoofed so the caller can be anywhere.

    15. Owen says:

      i got phone number from guy name george sanders  209-381-8979  like to know if he is scammer i had saw him on web site plentyof fish now he delete his profile i find this guy is fishy