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    1. Denny says:

      This number keeps calling my cell repeatedly, I am not interested in whatever they sell, yet am unable to stop their calls even after "pressing 2 to be removed from their call list" I still get the same automated message offering "debt recovery services".  They do not state who they are or who they represent at anytime during this message. Calling the number only gets you another machine.

    2. Bud says:

      she just got me for 450.. thought i was buying a fennec fox

    3. Gilbert says:

      They only called and trued to sign me up for something

    4. Daron says:

      got a call from this number, male caller wanting to talk to the person who pays the electric bill.  would not tell me what he wanted them for except that he needed to talk to them to help them save money on their energy bill. when I asked if he was one of the new PA elxtric providers he got rather belligerent and said justto tell him when he could reach the person who paid the bill.  I told him to give me his number and they would call him and he said he would just try later. then about a 3 weeks later I just got another call today. which I just said try later and now decided to investigate who they are

    5. Nicholas says:


    6. Donte says:

      Just got a call from a gal at the BBB and she says that the company I started has been in business for over 2 years, and that it was registered in the State of Colorado. Also that "she" checked around and saw that I had no complaints about my company. I am glad to hear that, too.Which I asked what was the nature of this call and she said that she could help with marketing my business for a one time fee of $75.00 and a annual rate of $385.00. I said well since the company is doing well without the BBB and any government intervention, WHY START NOW.BBB = a Sales PYRAMID SCHEME for suckers.

    7. Merrill says:

      Received a missed call from this number.

    8. Von says:

      312-640-2545 is a Sears # in our case it was an automated survey to rate A & E Factory Service which we had when our washer broke down.  A & E is owned by Sears, so if you had any repairs on an appliance or other items that is probably what it was for.  It does not matter whether you bought from, Lowes, Home depot, etc..  If it had to do with A&E or Sears its the same #.  The automated machine would diconnect if we did not pick it up immediately and the number comes across as "unknown name".  Once you answer the survey the calls will cease as its simply a way to rate your customer experience.

    9. Roscoe says:

      Got a call from Stacey saying I owe $2,000 plus %60 interest on Virginia State taxes from 1998.  I was an active duty service member, resident of california stationed in Virginia.  As a residential California active duty service member living outside the state of california I don't have to pay state taxes.  They use your social as an account number( I didn't give it to them). IT'S A SCAM!!!!  

    10. Mauro says:

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    11. Dion says:

      Financial place worrying about my money

    12. Raymon says:

      I keep getting a call from this number 248-237-3676 and no one answers I keep saying hello, hello and they dont answer. Then I yelled as loud as I could in the receiver and they hung up I am going to get a whistle and the next time they call blow it in to the receiver. Has any body else got this call and what did they do.

    13. Jarred says:

      I just received a text from (347) 781-4720 stating "You have been randomly selected for 2 tickets for a limited showing of the new Beatles movies! www.bealtlesmovie.net/?id=lcpbbhbrfc". This number apears to be coming from New York City. How in the world they got my number is beyond me but do not call them back. It is a fishing scam in which they are prying into your personal life in attempts to figure out where you bank and what your credit or debit card number is. Each time they transfer you they ask another question that gives them a little more about you.

    14. Roy says:

      She now goes by the Name of Vicki Sutton... vicki@makeup1.us  phone 209-217-1151

    15. Gregorio says:

      THIS IS NOT CHASE! It isn't any debt collector. It is a classic example of PHISHING!