262-357 Phone Me Not

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    1. Jesse says:

      They told me it was my MasterCard that was frozen. It was around 1am so I just hung up and checked my account which I hadn't used in months. Wasn't frozen, no charges.

    2. Cedrick says:

      called back and not in service

    3. Alden says:

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    4. Dudley says:

      Thanx for the FYI!  I have gotten a few calls but refussed to answer.  I figures that it was something dumb!

    5. Mohammed says:

      I got the same exact message.  But I couldn't leave a message.  They even called my parents.  This has got to stops!!!!  I want to know how they got our numbers.

    6. Dwayne says:

      YES, I Did get a call or a text from this number ! But I'm a safelink wireless customer in the U.S.A. Down in Miami, Florida & I recieved a text to my cell phone to enter code : FREE305 at " www.walmart.com.wxyr.biz " to get my $1,000.00 (USD) Walmart Giftcard because I have been selected to recieve 1 of 121 Giftcards Left !! And I recieved it from the telephone number : # 1-305-498-4935 at 4:54 PM - Eastern Standard Time !!! And if this is Legit I'm just trying to collect my giftcard ?

    7. Karl says:

      Yes, this number is from AAA claims department for total loss on automobiles. Someone may have had a total loss (car theft, for example) and given them the wrong number for follow up (or have been hard to hear). They're good about correcting their records - just tell them they have the wrong party.

    8. Art says:

      They call like 5 x a day and don't say anything very annoying!

    9. Jason says:

      They called my cell and my daughters cell. We didn't recognize the number so neither of us answered.

    10. Dominick says:

      Its a scam.  Anyone who calls you with what they say is an easy way to make money is a scammer.

    11. Carlos says:

      calls my phone daily and sometimes twice a day. idk what they want

    12. Omer says:

      These scumbags are violating your rights under color of law which is a couple of felonies.  See 18 U.S.C. Sections 241 and 242.  

    13. Guillermo says:

      I received a text message from 134-778-8924 wishing me a happy birthday in advance with sender's name.  I became a little bit angry to learn that 134 is an invalid area code.  What unknown bully in cyberspace wants to prove that no only can they find me but they also know something about me such as my birthday?

    14. Alvaro says:

      Not sure who this person is but I received a few sms txt messages from this number. It started by him/her texting "hey hot stuff" when I asked who it was because I didn't recognize the number the message that I got was "I can't believe im hearing you say this... I thought we had something special... now im heart broken"...I don't know where this 100 number comes from but it sounds a bit suspicious, has anyone received anything like this??

    15. Rodolfo says:

      Let message go to voice mail when the number came up "Unassigned". No message left on service. Most probably the same life insurance scam as reported by others on this blog.