262-357 Phone Me Not

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    1. Jesse says:

      They told me it was my MasterCard that was frozen. It was around 1am so I just hung up and checked my account which I hadn't used in months. Wasn't frozen, no charges.

    2. Cedrick says:

      called back and not in service

    3. Alden says:

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    4. Dudley says:

      Thanx for the FYI!  I have gotten a few calls but refussed to answer.  I figures that it was something dumb!

    5. Mohammed says:

      I got the same exact message.  But I couldn't leave a message.  They even called my parents.  This has got to stops!!!!  I want to know how they got our numbers.

    6. Dwayne says:

      YES, I Did get a call or a text from this number ! But I'm a safelink wireless customer in the U.S.A. Down in Miami, Florida & I recieved a text to my cell phone to enter code : FREE305 at " www.walmart.com.wxyr.biz " to get my $1,000.00 (USD) Walmart Giftcard because I have been selected to recieve 1 of 121 Giftcards Left !! And I recieved it from the telephone number : # 1-305-498-4935 at 4:54 PM - Eastern Standard Time !!! And if this is Legit I'm just trying to collect my giftcard ?

    7. Karl says:

      Yes, this number is from AAA claims department for total loss on automobiles. Someone may have had a total loss (car theft, for example) and given them the wrong number for follow up (or have been hard to hear). They're good about correcting their records - just tell them they have the wrong party.

    8. Ollie says:

      Calls then hangs up..annoying

    9. Dirk says:

      Just got a call from this number... it is a scam. They are telling me about my car warranty and to press one if I would like information on extending it. Don't press one.

    10. Art says:

      They call like 5 x a day and don't say anything very annoying!

    11. Jason says:

      They called my cell and my daughters cell. We didn't recognize the number so neither of us answered.

    12. Junior says:

      Yes I made the mistake of applying for a loan online! And I was getting this calls as well, and at first I did what everybody on here was doing asking them to stop calling, to no avail! So I got this idea to play along told them that yes I was interrested in a loan, and let them spend there time explaining, some if not all then said they had to get there supvervisor to help so I said ok then the boss gets on the line and gives me his speech and I agree to go get some pre pay card to pay my taxes and ask for a hour to get it all done. Well they call back and ask if I had done what they needed and then I tell them to get lost and they get upsets over wasted time! And I say you I don't like it either and if you call back I will waste more of your time! They rarely call back

    13. Booker says:

      calls repeatedly. will not leave voice mail.

    14. Dominick says:

      Its a scam.  Anyone who calls you with what they say is an easy way to make money is a scammer.

    15. Carlos says:

      calls my phone daily and sometimes twice a day. idk what they want