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    1. Kurtis says:

      Got a call yesterday and a woman asked for me and told her "he" ...I... couldn't come to the phone and asked what it was regarding and she said it was a personal matter and said she would call back at another time. Still haven't heard back and hope not to. If you call the # it rings once then its quiet. these ppl can go to hell

    2. Shayne says:

      wells Fargo dealer services

    3. Darin says:

      wont quit messaging me the same thing.

    4. Mckinley says:

      I'm from Toronto. two calls at 3:07am, no message. probably to my toll free number

    5. Cary says:

      two calls so far within a half hour of each other, have not answered and they left no message

    6. Cyril says:

      Automated call for home security.

    7. Tyrone says:

      continue education and they call to much.

    8. Vince says:

      Just keeps calling ....leaves no message...collection company! Don't answer!

    9. Cedrick says:

      Sending unwanted text about medical lawsuits!

    10. Gale says:

      Got a text from this number saying they saw my facebook. Is it a scam?

    11. Harold says:

      Don't know anyone in a 302 area code so I dont answer because I know it some type og advertisement that I'm not intrested in

    12. David says:

      These people call with bad intentions!! They contact you with what sounds like a free sponsorship, then at the last moment ask for $700. It's a complete joke; only one rep, her name is Michelle and she hounds you for weeks about the $700. She'll also tell you she records your info without your permission (illegal in my state).

    13. Carmine says:

      PD loan company, foreigner with strong accent will not do business with them

    14. Hassan says:

      Alan walker was the name the guy with the Indian accent gave me. Said I have a lawsuit against my social security #. Wouldn't tell me who he worked for. When I asked who filed it he told me the USA. He then said he needed my employers information so he could inform my employer of the law suit. Just a scam to get your info

    15. Arlen says:

      Hey Mike, not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.smoke555.com is giving away free e-cig trials. - Mike