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    1. Franklin says:

      So recived a call from "aladin" aka lloyd conner who says he works for an Attorney and legal services in california the number shown is 3232053207 saying that we have not paid a "insta cash" loan that we never recived through our bank, and that we need to pay it back with fees and everything totalling $966.24. DONT BELIEVE THEM just hang up. Lesson learned....... dont trust anything on the internet, and or "loans" just get money the right way face to face!!

    2. Kraig says:

      This is Jenny from credit card services and you can lower your interest rates.

    3. Davis says:

      don't want this number to get through my phone

    4. Osvaldo says:

      i got 4 text messages from this number saying morning, im horny, send me a pic, ben, last name dover. wich i new was a lie.

    5. Darwin says:

      Just received a call from this number. They asked for me or my husband by our first names. My husband asked "Who's calling?" and they hung up.  I'm concerned that they are waiting for a "yes" to fraudulently splice into some verbal agreement that we didn't agree to.

    6. Rick says:

      Had a message on my recorder, for a relative that does not live with me, and identified himself as  Irwin Mclean, from the check fraud division, he demanded that my relative or myself  or an attorney call him back right away.

    7. Gerard says:

      How did he get my phone number? I too have had him call me from different phone numbers.

    8. Nicolas says:

      its a land line from clearwater fl

    9. Wally says:

      selling something to increase battery life by 30%.

    10. Charles says:

      A robocall from "KC from the carpet cleaning service."

    11. Paul says:

      Keeps calling without a message

    12. Jacques says:

      Hung up repeatedly calling hang up

    13. Avery says:

      every time I answered the phone they hung up.

    14. Kristofer says:

      I have receiving phone calls from you on my 712-881-2009 phone number and this is an attempt to stop the harrassing calls. I can not physically take your phone calls and they are requested , by me, to STOP. I have a registered phone for "no calls" and if you dont stop I will report you. Again, no more phone calls on my phone number.

    15. Ned says:

      Wanted to give product info..telemarketer