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    1. Arnulfo says:

      agency wanting to manage business

    2. Abe says:

      There is someone on the other line!! I can hear them! I DON'T have anyone in the military & this stupid number calls my phone ALL the time!! Crazy hours!! I started just pushing numbers thinking that if it was automated it would keep me out... The person on other end just pushed them back... Someones playing on the phone!!

    3. Ivan says:

      I just got the same message... AT&T usually text from 753-5 number don't respond to them. I will be calling AT&T tomorrow morning. My message said I had a past due balance of $1.25 haha I just paid my bill yesterday so I'm more than positive this is bogus.

    4. Charles says:

      As Bronx Resident said its def a scam. Creates fake emails, says he'll overnight keys once you fill out the "application form". Don't fall for it!!

    5. Nathan says:

      Vaughn horrible person is a rapist. He lives in Sedgewick Station apartments ladies watch urself

    6. Sidney says:

      I received this call on Saturday 6/23/2012.  They called at 12:06PM EST.  No voicemail was left.

    7. Abel says:

      Cheesy recording offering a cruise to Nassau / Bahamas.

    8. Randy says:

      Company has repeatedly harassed me with threats and phone calls and has not provided one piece of documentation showing my affiliation with this company.

    9. Carmen says:

      This just happened to me as well. We have nothing to worry about right?

    10. Rob says:

      Machine offering teaching

    11. Alden says:

      No name information on Caller ID.

    12. Terry says:

      i`m looking for my friend`s adress

    13. Herman says:

      Spam text "You have won a free 1000 dollar Walmart gift card"

    14. Fred says:

      Phone number showed up on Called ID on my cell phone.  I had registered this number on Do Not

    15. Mariano says:

      Received the following three (3) text messages from +12522664598:"Congratulations! You've been selected to receive a Laptop! Supplies are limited! Use approval code: Giveme Visit: LAPTOP55.com 2end reply stop" 2011/02/13 10:13am PST"As a Thank you for visiting our site, we are giving our customers Gift cards! To claim yours, use confirmation code: csv100 Visit: CLAIM3.com 2end reply stop" 2011/02/13 5:25PM PST"Thank you for recently visiting our Site. You're now eligable for our Laptop awards Giveawy! Use Confirmation code: ltop Visit: PC7000.com 2end reply stop" 2011/02/13 10:51pm PST