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    1. Lindsey says:

      omg i received a callfrom thatnumber too lastnight!

    2. Hilton says:

      I received a call from this number trying to offer me a lower interest rate on an account. They didn't specify where they were calling from or what account they were referring to. I have no outstanding loans or credit card balances. They had left a message on my answering machine, it stated to press 2 to speak to a live operator. I am also on the no call list for my state.

    3. Edmund says:

      Small business loan people

    4. Porter says:

      You have been randomly selected for a BestBuy gift. Get your $1000 gift card at www.bestbuy.com.bestwinners1.org/?id=kckflklybl

    5. Jarrod says:

      yes, that's it! I just got the same number, but no message and I'm driving an enterprise car

    6. Greg says:

      I just got the same call about 3 minutes ago. I couldnt understand the lady because of her accent. It sounded bogus and she said good luck to me if I dont call her back. She said she was from Hopkins law firm.

    7. Sidney says:

      Voice recording about reducing your debt; just hung up

    8. Dominick says:

      Estan molestando continuamente al movil de mi esposo

    9. Davis says:

      Caller did not identify themselves as a debt collector; which I believe violates some law. Just identified himself and said there was a complaint in his office and to call back to the 800 number.

    10. Clement says:

      I received this number call in name of Times jobs service consultancy group.

    11. Adolph says:

      Do I have any online loans?

    12. Devin says:

      Who is this person/company calling

    13. Gerardo says:

      i also got a cal from this number not just one call i have been getting few calls for quite few days.irritating though.thank god i dint get an opportunity to attend this call

    14. Lionel says:

      This is Verizon Wireless in Bristol, VA. They are trying to convert family and friends plans, that are under a business name, to a business account. They claim this will save you money. It won't!

    15. Junior says:

      I got two calls from this number. They said that I have a legal case against me and I need to pay $300. I wish that someone can arrest this fool!