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    1. Teodoro says:

      These people are relentless and rude.  They actually called my office.  They are attorneys and perhaps there is a class action law suit for harassment that needs to be file.d

    2. Mariano says:

      Got a test from 201685@vtext.com to contact 516-232-3007 Aline issue

    3. Desmond says:

      Apache Towing Inc -Towing Service, Emergency Roadside Assistance, Wrecker Service, Auto Wrecker, Towing 33392 Lee Highway, Glade Spring, VA 24340 (276) 429-5967 ‎

    4. Len says:

      I got a call from 309-263-4601  and then a call from 678-253-1519. I don't know who these peolle are but they don't leave a message and if they do it is all static....I don't answer calls I don't know the number. My number is on do not call listing and I am going to report them there....

    5. Leslie says:

      They call and I say kiss my ash.  We don't need or want anything

    6. Saul says:

      Telemarketing for solar. They say they represent Edison but don't.

    7. Ray says:

      Calls twice a day, every day from number 205-313-2624 and 205-313-2623.

    8. Eli says:

      Yes, it's a program. Respond with period key only once, and see the response. Response is instant.

    9. Thurman says:

      This number keeps calling me but when I answer no one says anything

    10. Gaylord says:

      Don't answer to this dick.

    11. Alton says:

      May not be a 'valid' number but I *DID* just receive TWO consecutive calls within one minute of each other on my landline just now. Suspected it was a BOGUS, **SPOOFED** NUMBER by the "0" as the first number in the exchange (second set of three numbers.) Normally would pick up/hang up immediately without answering to 'break' the call and 'confuse' the robodialer. But, was expecting an important call, so let it go to answering machine. Heard a woman's voice say Oh, crap," and then the call disconnected. BUT, she called right back again; still did not leave a message. WHO is trying to STEAL from me NOW?

    12. Myron says:

      This is a credit card scam. They want credit card numbers so they can steal from your account. Report these calls to your state attorney generals office.These scumbags are targeting the elderly and the feeble minded. Stop them now!

    13. Elias says:

      Keep getting calls even though am on do not call registry.

    14. Lonnie says:

      You think that because you have an incorrect understanding of the purpose and how the DNC registry works. The one message that actually had information on this caller claimed it was a polling or survey type call.  Since nothing is being sold, that call is not covered by the Do Not Call laws.  In fact, companies like this who do surveys with no selling involved cannot even register for access to the Do Not Call list. They could not check it for numbers not to call even if they wanted to.  The only telemarketers who can register for access are those selling goods or services by phone.  That means a range of nuisance callers like solicitors for charities, survey or polling calls, political calls and debt collectors can call without violating the Do Not Call rules.  They are required to place you on their internal Do Not Call list and once you do and they continue to call, you can take action against them.  However, you may need to have proof of your request such as Certified Mail Receipt for a notarized Cease and Desist letter although many callers will honor a verbal request.

    15. Florentino says:

      I got a call from this number wanting me to do some shadow shopping for them. They want to send me an information package and review a company or business they send me to. I am leary after researching this company.