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    1. Deangelo says:

      I received a call today from a company offering me an extended warranty for my vehicle.  I srung them along. The lady asked for my vin# for the vehicle.  I told her I didn't have it right in front of me and asked for a number to call her back at. She told me she didn't have an inbound number but she could call me back.  She called back and 678-238-1300 showed on my cell phone.  I then gave her bogus info regarding my car and I asked her what was her company name and she said wac and she kept pressing me for the correct vin # I asked her if she had a website and she said yes but then kept pressing me for the vin and would not give me the website address.  I am reporting them.  I do know the 678 area code is in Georgia.

    2. Lyle says:

      They call every day and never leave a message!

    3. Rudolph says:

      women's drug advocacy group recording

    4. Kirby says:

      I keep getting thiese unsolicited automated calls from this number and want it to stop!

    5. Charles says:

      Its a machine and I wish it would stop calling me every morning

    6. Harvey says:

      Just got the same text as what was mentioned in others. What surprised me is I just shopped at Target a week before. Do you think these scammers have some way of tracking purchases? Dear Target shopper, your purchase last month won a $1,000 Gift Card. Please go to www.SITE485.com to claim. stop2end

    7. Lino says:

      Received the "what's up" text (Oct 22). I know a number of people in the 828 area code (western NC) so I almost replied, until I saw these posts. I live in Apex, NC ... close to the person above from Cary.

    8. Berry says:

      A lady from 800-239-2273 has called my house several times in the last week and asking us to walk next door and deliver a message to our neighbors.  Right now I can not recall the lady's name, but I do have the messages saved at home.  I just finished making a second complaint on the do not call list web site.  I actually made reference to this site.  There should be a privacy issue considering that she is calling from a collections department and making reference to your neighbors.  I hope she and her family have to experience the same kind of harrassment from other companies.

    9. Frederick says:

      called about a survey, but couldn't say who they were calling for.

    10. Ferdinand says:

      student loans harassin me I block every number they call from

    11. Rex says:

      says win free trip to the bahamas

    12. Lester says:

      i have asked that this number be block more then 1 tyme plz block this number

    13. Elvin says:

      FFG and associates. I'm actually in the ARM industry and I'm not some angry consumer. They are a scam. Fake collection agency collecting on fake debt. Basically phishing.

    14. Bernie says:

      left threatening texts msgs this morning.  Is your phone number on your facebook page?

    15. Thurman says:

      My only recommendation is to press *60 on your phone and add to Call Screening.   Good luck.