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    1. Gregorio says:

      and then when i call them back and ask for stephanie they tell me there is no one there by that name and then i played the voicemail for the same lady that called me lol if stephanie isnt your name what is it? lol cause your the same woman who left this message i said to her and she was speachless then i questioned her why do they come up with the name ron winston on the caller id with a 262 number and she didnt know what to say she ended up hanging up on me damn scammers beware dont give this lady any info

    2. Michal says:

      Yes I have received a couple of calls from this number while I am at work.  Thought it was strange to see 126 as an area code.  I just checked here and found out that this is happening.  What can you do to stop them?

    3. Lemuel says:

      Got2 separate emails about two different items on craigslist to call. Email came at 1:55 am

    4. Freddy says:

      Talked about mortgaging my house

    5. Eddie says:

      This # called my business cell.  It's a recording that says every 15 minutes a home is broken into and that they'll install a free security device in my home with the placement of a yard sign promoting their company.  Have no idea who the company is because I hung up after that.  I already have ADT...thank you.

    6. Russel says:

      At 5:10 AM this morning I received a call from this phone number, with the same story.  The caller identified himself as a Microsoft Technician, and said that my computer has "malicious software" installed on it.  I told him to never call me again, and hung up.

    7. Augustus says:

      This number calls every hour and never leaves a message. Very annoying.

    8. Leo says:

      We have also been receiving multiple calls from this number at the switchboard at work. When I called the number back they have a message set up saying "if you have received faxed calls from this number to leave your number and it will be removed from their list and apologized for it, but what is really weird is they don't identify themselves...

    9. Margarito says:

      The number called me at 11:40 pm. It is fax. Annoyed.

    10. Joseph says:

      pissed me off not saying anything then there was a beep...yall aint bout to record my voice

    11. Carmelo says:

      1 call today - could not understand the individual

    12. Jeremy says:

      ID says Nakoma Inter??? Could not see it all... International maybe? Called a couple weeks ago while the owner of our company was on vacation. Just called again, and he was not in. Would not leave a voicemessage.

    13. Tod says:

      Called my cellphone and hung up when I answered.

    14. Todd says:

      Got a text message from this number.

    15. Salvador says:

      I had to say hello a couple times before a guy answered... said the company name really quick and then said I had participated in an online survey and had checked off I was interested in a job opportunity... I told him I hadn't participated in ANY online surveys... He then repeated that I was interested in a job opportunity and said, "You don't recall that?" ... I said no and hung up...