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    1. Orval says:

      stupid a** recording on my voicemail saying to got to bobsatm.com, over and over again! I literally JUST got this phone number! Then, i go to the dumb website anf this is what came up......I'm pissed!!!!!!!!!

    2. Wilber says:

      Keeps calling me asking for someone I don't even know

    3. Mark says:

      "call attention requested" wth?

    4. Van says:

      Got a text from this number this morning.  It said "Hola Jessica."  I replied with "Who is this?"  No response.

    5. Olin says:

      Too many call no answer back

    6. Thanh says:

      F*** YOU Glass Mountain Capital! It's a Debt Collector. Use Call block to block these scum bottom feeders! They don't seem to get that they are calling the WRONG person & number for the debt. I also filled out a complaint (1088G) with the FCC and blocked the number from my wireless provider & home phone after receiving the third call from them. Since they call as unknown don't answer these types of calls. They can dial their f****ng fingers down to a stub and never reach anyone here since they are calling the wrong place!! I had to tell them to reach them by mail & stop calling my number but I I doubt that they will get it, dumb a***s! Just block everywhere you can!

    7. Garland says:

      Backpage prostitute- Very mentally disturbed. IF you want STD's and drama-this is the hooker for you

    8. Jamal says:

      They been calling for months asking for the wrong person. I told them they had the wrong number. They use profanity and are very rude.

    9. Rod says:

      I've gotten 4 calls from them today. Each time it leaves a 7 second voicemail with nothing but an automated beep a couple of seconds into it. I called the number back and it was a recording and it said "We're calling to confirm your recent online inquiry about health insurance. To be removed press 1..." I pressed 1, it said "thank you" and hung up on me. They better not call back.

    10. Miguel says:

      Keep calling ask me to sign up for 20% of any store

    11. Numbers says:

      someone called and hung up before I could answer it.  I called back and said his name was Damion. And wanted $5.00 for the phone call.  I told him to get a life and grow up!!

    12. Gonzalo says:

      The chic is a drama queen and causes nothing but turmoil and strife for anyone she comes in contact with.

    13. Hobert says:

      Yea an what do I got on an were I'm at an who is this

    14. Devon says:

      Called around 7 pm. Told him we were on the DNC list, he said he never heard of it.  Told him to never call again.

    15. Jarrod says:

      You have won a gift card. Spam