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    1. Grant says:

      Nothing got a busy signal

    2. Michale says:

      Robo call... grant money?

    3. Isiah says:

      I was getting a numerous amount of missed calls from this number consistently. Caller does not say anything and hangs up. When I call back the number is no longer in service. They called again it was an asian woman asking for a Harold. I told them they had the wrong number. BTW I'm a female and my name isn't Harold. So Installed Mr number.

    4. Trinidad says:

      I got a call from my workplace twice and its some indian guy name Raymon Rizzo...won't stop calling says that they are from some law firm

    5. Alfred says:

      They call let it ring a few times and then hang up. They call repeatedly.

    6. Hank says:

      Person keeps calling and texting and I told person wrong number stop calling. Person don't care and keeps on please block this person

    7. Clifton says:

      This company calls with their fax machine day and night, no matter if I answer or not.

    8. Russell says:

      The message I got said "Cody said you could be able to see it http://goo.gl/n0w0j#efirahix?4259" I didnt click the link. Not sure i want to try

    9. Byron says:

      This number has called me 3 times. Leaving voicemails but in a different language.

    10. Irwin says:

      they are a company that is trying to get you to sign up to sell and make commission off of debit and credit card machine.  i let the guy go on about how much money I could make - then he asked for my credit card #(by the way they say they process these things for the credit card companies) - when I refused to give them that information they hung up on me,  They called my cell phone as well - not sure how they got my name and number.  hope this helps the next person who gets a call like this

    11. Brendan says:

      texts all the time saying 'Hey'.

    12. Dalton says:

      Luckily, I don't get calls from these guys.  Unfortunately, I get calls from the morons in Rochester who can't use a phone and end up dialing my number.  So, basically ten times a day I have to explain to these people how to use a phone and that you need to dial a 1 and then the area code when it's not the same as yours.  And if I don't answer the phone these people leave angry messages.  My voicemail also has my number so if they'd pay attention a little bit they would see they dialed the wrong number.  These people are friggin idiots in Rochester.

    13. Samual says:

      1:23 pm received a call and a text asking for Aaron. I live in Canada. This is a new number I have as of 12:00 midnight August 6 2010

    14. Hubert says:

      hang ups. I call back they hang up on me

    15. Andreas says:

      This number plays prerecorded spam claiming that I won a trip to the Bahamas.Definitely spam.