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    1. Emory says:

      Heavily accented male asked for "Law S." Told him he had the wrong # and he hung up. Thought it was a legitimate call until I googled his #.

    2. Kelvin says:

      Calls at all hours, i do not know him.

    3. Gustavo says:

      Collections, just leaves name and extension number

    4. Mickey says:

      Call me at least once a month starting January, 2012. Never answered so not sure what or what this is but I know no one in Washington State, and my number has always remained unlisted.

    5. Doug says:

      about 2-3 calls within the last month or so i don't know if it is someone who i know....

    6. Chang says:

      Received call from this number last night. Caller said hold for conference call with President Obama. Of course I held. (for 15 minutes) But I had heard on the news of other conference calls President had done. Finally campaign worker said Mr. President there are thousands on this call and the President began to speak. It's quite different hearing him on the campaign trail and hearing him right in your ear. He said they were leaving Ohio and at one point you could her plane engines. He spoke for several minutes. He sounded a bit tired (which I am sure he is) but most of all you could hear the sincerity in his voice. I don't know how anyone could vote for anyone but President Obama. This is one call I am happy I answered and stayed on the line.

    7. Demarcus says:

      This 'company??' Business Review called me. Would not identify themselves as to what they wanted with 'me' but they strangely had my birthdate. When I called them back they still would not identify what type of business they were.I don't owe any bills, so it could not have been a collecter.Having dealt with senior scamming with my parents, I am very suspicious of what this company is or wanted.I sure as heck won't identify myself to them or give them any information unless they identify themselves.BE VERY VERY CAREFUL, if this number calls you, as I feel pretty sure it is some type of scam.

    8. Andre says:

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    9. Nickolas says:

      Postal Money Orders Fraud

    10. Coy says:

      They call me all the time, at least once a day. I only answered once, never again. WENDY O'CONNOR is the one that calls and calls me. They are calling from San Antonio, TX. My caller ID says SARMA 210-244-4531.

    11. Edgardo says:

      I have received multiple calls on my cell phone from this number over the past few days. Since I don't recognize the number, I always let it go to voicemail, hoping they'll leave a message, but they never do.

    12. Wilber says:

      He is nasty and makes sexual remarks. I will be reporting him to police if he continues.

    13. Ryan says:

      This person has been prank calling

    14. Ivory says:

      recd a call saying we were part of an audit? SCAM

    15. Garret says:

      Call almost everyday. Won't leave messages. I quit answering numbers I don't know.