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    1. Eloy says:

      There is no 111 area code

    2. Bertram says:

      well the called while i was at work and my wife answered it and they said they were calling about some job, but she does not remember the name of the company.  She gave them my cell # but they have not called it yet.

    3. Miquel says:

      This number is calling family members saying i need to call back its important but they never answer. Even called my mom at work WTF!!!!!

    4. Emmett says:

      This damn dumb is disturbing my peaceful place.He should be accursed for what he's doing!

    5. Val says:

      They called again and again their call was blocked.  My phone does not even ring.

    6. Sebastian says:

      Many calls over 2 weeks between 7am and 9am. Caller left 2+ minute dead air messages, or was silent when I picked up. Today when I picked up, a robot played a recording of a male voice claiming a name of "Account Discovery Services" (sic) with computer voice saying the call was for an unintelligible name which is not my name, and giving me the option to call an unintelligible 8xx number or press 0. 0 resulted in 8 trips through a ringring/attendantsbusy cycle, followed by a woman answering "ADS". I asked for the full name and address of her firm. Eventually I learned base is New York, and the firm is called "Account Discovery Systems", but she would not give an address. Her repeated claim that they didn't know what number they were harassing was untruthful, because this was a call they originated, and further, she started referring to me as a name that is not mine. Nasty scammers.

    7. Ferdinand says:

      They keep calling asking to speak to someone who is no longer interested and is not the persons phone.

    8. Ivory says:

      I got a call from this number at 10:30AM caller ID  read "NAME NOT FOUND"...There is no such # as 310-111-1234...so I picked up the phone & hung it up right away. I don't bother to answer those calls anymore. It is usually a contractor that don't want to be identified. So far they haven't called back.

    9. Ben says:

      This number has callwd me twice. i didn't answer the phone either time. Decided to look it up to see who it is.

    10. Chadwick says:

      It's from a SCAMMER, looking for Mexican or spanish-speaking victims, they make up some fake cell phone offer and try to get you to pay money.

    11. Van says:

      This number was dialed on my mothers phone. $3,500 charges were made. Does anyone know how these charges are made. We called the number and it stated it was a sex line, no one uses the phone but my mother and myself and we sure didn't call a sex line. This is crazy were these numbers came from if anyone can help please reply!

    12. Manuel says:

      I have received repeated calls from this number. They actually talked with a member of my family who had nothing to do with the reason they called. I called them back and was told no one had called from that number even when I told them I got the number of our Caller ID. When I finally had the chance to say  that I don't want to use their services ( I was firm about that) he promised that he would remove me from their system. I do not believe him. They have called at least 2 more times since then. If I ever need the type of assistance that their agency uses, I most certainly will not use them. When I deal with anyone, I want to be listened to and this agency has already shown to me that they won't.

    13. Donn says:

      Goes by the name, Tobi Peter, wanted to buy a phone from me for $600 and the phone is worth 300. he told me he would send the money western union and give me some of the reference numbers and would give me the last 3 after i gave him the tracking number so he had proof of shipment of the phone. he also told me he was buying the phone for his cousin and i had to ship in overseas.. TOTAL SCAM!

    14. Lawerence says:

      I forgot to say that the Caller ID said "Illinois Call" on it.

    15. Val says:

      Random calling then when call back busy