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    1. Duncan says:

      This person cannot speak very good english, and I said stop calling this number I don't know who you are.

    2. Christoper says:

      Received a call claiming that my Windows computer was transmitting a warning that it had a virus.

    3. Cornelius says:

      Do you know who this is??

    4. Abraham says:

      i called my bank and my issue was resolved. its jsut a pain in the neck that i have to wait to get a new card.

    5. Daron says:

      Something about a gift card

    6. Donald says:

      Do deal a waste of my time delete mood right bout nw

    7. Edmond says:

      This number called me today 02/16/2011 at 4pm and I didnt answer but when I called back it was to a Funature store called FAMSA.

    8. Luis says:

      I was called twice on May 29, 2013 to pay the amount of $173 & $200. I paid with a PayPal green Dot buying it at cvs. It's a scam Jose Perez and Daniel Brown.... They should be in jail. I am a senior and took me for a fool saying I did not pay my Con Ed bill..... Please be aware of these scammers. They are Spanish speaking fast talking people. They must be caught for scamming innocent hard working citizens. Call the authority's.

    9. Fausto says:

      It was talking about health insurance.

    10. Clark says:

      I recieved several phone calls from this number, the owner is Kevin White and works for Herndon Public Schools. He has been hired to harass escorts by unscrupulous buisnessmen Colin Choney and Zac Doblebower of EcoHouse, based in Washington DC, (Eastern Market area).

    11. Enrique says:

      I am still getting calls from member services.

    12. Arlen says:

      called me twice at 9:03am and 9:05am and the first time i heard background noise, the second time i heard nothing

    13. Arnoldo says:

      I received a bogus text message from this number saying that "Apple is looking for people to Test and Keep the New iphone5! But only the 1st 1,000 users that enter code BETA at http://iphone5betas.com will Receive it!" Obviously a bogus message. Nobody should respond to this.

    14. Frederick says:

      Got a call from 206-202-0395 to my home and it comes up as Unassigned on the Caller ID. 3rd day in a row they call and no voice mail. I don't pick up and like someone said, if no voice mail then it's not important.

    15. Dan says:

      Received a call from this number as well thought it may have been a friend from the area but did not get a hello or anything.