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    1. Asa says:

      Its silent until you say hello then a recorded voice offers you work from home. Damn solicitors !

    2. Noel says:

      Text: "plz call me at this number it's important"

    3. Francis says:

      He my ex husband. No contact needef

    4. Dee says:

      This is an amazing sight! Our <a href="http://nqgefsid.com">chiedrln</a> have some obstacles they will have to overcome in thier lives, but they are such amazing little men! Special babies were given to special parents! You will make it to your goal! You are the best advocate for your son! Good luck with everything!

    5. Leonard says:

      This number has been calling me for 3 days. Doesn't leave a v-mail.

    6. Markus says:

      called sai hold on i have another call cming in

    7. Raymundo says:

      They called pretending I was a winner and they put me on hold then a representative put me on hold then hung up

    8. Delmer says:

      ey said I won a 50 walmart gift card n 25 coupons 4 restaurant nden saidsumdig bout 25 4 gas,totalling ova 100 n as soon as he asked if I was 18,he asked if I was da head of 2prepayed credit cardz n as soon he asked dat I asked him wat business is it if I won sumdig,I asked a 2 time,he hung up.glad I just found dis app n info,thank u

    9. Bertram says:

      I received a call from A guy who had an indian accent then he transferred me to this other guy who name supposingly is Clay anderson, he said that i owed money from a bank loan and gave me all my personal information he said i would get sued if i didnt pay and that he will contact my employer and it would go on my record and if i had the same offense such as grand theft they would see me as a habitual offender.. when i called back i spoke to the indian guy and requested the ohysical address he gave me the first 3 numbers then hung up this clay dude said he was gona call me back and never did after i told him i was going to sue this company for fraudulently accessing information about me... i knew it was a scam and i told him to his ear that it was... what the hell is this world coming to...

    10. Arlen says:

      This guy is a scam artist and a thief

    11. Dee says:

      Just called me on the east coast and woke me up here in the middle of the night. WTF.

    12. Gabriel says:

      Told me I was entered into the "Dream Come True" sweepstakes. Wanted visa or MasterCard credit card or debit card information. When told I didn't have either, she promptly disconnected the call.

    13. Jewell says:

      Full-screen(205) 345-5123:

    14. Eddy says:

      Answering service, they won't stop calling!

    15. Milo says:

      Visa card scam.  Asks for your Visa Debit card number...says your account is locked and you need to enter your account number to unlock it.  DUH!  How stupid do they think we are...??