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    1. Raleigh says:

      Keep call when i told them not to.

    2. Tobias says:

      Calling all hours of day & night threatening me

    3. Keith says:

      Yes, I got a call from 201-285-5338. The person has a very heavy Indian accent. He said his name is James and works for Windows. He said my computer was sending out malware and spyware. I ask for his number and called him back. I first called Microsoft Windows and they said that is false. I called 201-285-5338 back ad ask him what does he really want and he said Money. I told him where to put the phone and called the State Attorney and FCA.

    4. Cody says:

      I received a call from this number, which I did not pick up in time to answer the call. I immediately called back and got a recording  that said it was from, (sounded like), "Rotex After Hours Customer Care" and that the next available representative would be with me shortly.

    5. Clair says:

      i got 24 msges saying the same that everyone else is posting... wtf... i dont understand why companies are allowed to do this... i texted back "STOP" and they stopped most of the time when companies do this you text stop and they take you off their list... because then theyre advertisements or whatever are unwanted.

    6. Charley says:

      Caller stated they were called Sunset Ridge.  Asked if I had seen crews around and said they have windows and roofs that never need to be replaced.  I filed a complaint on the Do Not Call  website.  Caller ID indicated the name was Palacios Salvag.

    7. Collin says:

      I would like not to receive any more calls from this #. They don' live messages, or respond.

    8. Ramiro says:

      prerecorded. I pushed "1" to speak with someone, she answered, I told her I would like to have my number removed, she said "GIIRRLL" and hung up. Next time I'm using the whistle. be warned.

    9. Randell says:

      Got a call from saying he had a work from home opportunity from mastercard/visa but when I asked him if I had to pay to get started he started giving me payment options. I barely started saying I'm not interested when he hung up on me. I tried calling back and it didn't go through. Definitely a scam.

    10. Luis says:

      I received disturbing anwanted call from 661 206 0759

    11. Hoyt says:

      Guy shows up comes in And leaves. Waste of time and space.

    12. Glen says:

      I got a call about my missing cat.I had listed it on Craigs List.He said he was from the humane Society and was going to put him to sleep.I got his name off a voice mail when I called back.No such person works there.

    13. Hal says:

      This person appears normal, has many interests. CAUTION: He has stolen two (2) iPhones and will not return calls or texts.

    14. Jeromy says:

      Got a call from "Ken with LA Remodeling" who wanted to talk about working for me.  As soon as I said I was on the Do Not Call list he hung up without an apology.  Apparently they ignore the do not call list.

    15. Parker says:

      this person harrasses and stalks me