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    1. Jimmie says:

      Just called me on my cell and left no message.

    2. Leif says:

      try blocking em... you guys know that the callers don't read these threads right?

    3. Tobias says:

      I just check my bankstatement , they charged me $18.25. I will call my bank on monday.

    4. Homer says:

      I do not believe that the area code 111 is a legit area code.  Most calls or cellphone text messages from this area code are computer generated and automatic.  It's like a phone hack, so to speak.  I don't know too much about this beyond that, and it's always good to be on one's guard, but I do not believe the call was necessarily predatory.  Just an obnoxious and truly upsetting hack.  This is my attempt to put your mind a little more at ease.  Best of luck on this.  --Erica

    5. Arthur says:

      Same happened to me a month ago. I sent $150 for a Siberian husky and he called wanting $600 more so i called the law! Ugh its pathetic whoever they are. Who did u send the money to? May be same name i did.

    6. Kevin says:

      347-925-4598: Congrats your # was drawn for a free $1000.00 best buy gift card in our holiday raffle goto:cashcardcontest.net and enter winning code: four digits where given.SCAM: DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT ENTER IN THE FOUR DIGIT CODE

    7. Dwayne says:

      This young man called at 3am and I reported the number to the police department for harassment.

    8. Jae says:

      A telemarketer for air duct cleaning

    9. Samual says:

      They called and there was no reply.

    10. Miquel says:

      not sure if you or anyone you know still smokes. But www.smoke8.com is giving away free e-cig trials. - Johnny

    11. Luigi says:

      I'm trying to find out too as they've called my mother and asked for my father who has been deceased for 11 years.  It really upsets her when they do this.

    12. Donnell says:

      Some one called me from a 314 627 6978 but they wont say any thing

    13. Domingo says:

      Got called from this number today. A woman (who actually spoke with no accent!) asked for the owner.  When I asked to take a message, she said she'd call another time and hung up.  Definitely a telemarketer. I dialed back the number but just got busy signals.  ReversePhoneDetective.com has the number listed to a Will Post in Woodhaven, MI.

    14. Hassan says:

      call occured from this number at 1:15 a.m. on 7/17/08.  The caller id did not display a name, just the number itself.  There was a message left but it was not a voice message instead a strange electronic keyboard played a few bars of a song I recognize but have not identified then there was audible movement going on as the phone was hung-up from their end.

    15. Gino says:

      Spam trying to sell home business