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    1. Myles says:

      This person its bothering me...

    2. Leif says:

      Same here. Called at 6:21 pm today Friday December 3rd.  Didn't answer, no msg left

    3. Granville says:

      Called my cell. I missed the call and not even 30 seconds later I called back and the line was disconnected.

    4. Norris says:

      They just started to call me. do u know who they are or what they want??

    5. Donn says:

      Nigerians!Scam artist!Beware of these people they clam to have passports.Very strong carribean dialect.

    6. Waldo says:

      Got a similar call from Steve Wilson- Warrants division. Had the last 4 of my social. Told me I had to post bond at my county court,(Knew the name) or take care of it now. Stupidly gave him my bank card info, to pay half now, the other half in 30 days.Told  if info came back not valid, I would be charged with credit card fraud, would not let me tell my wife first. I called my wife immediately and she cancelled my card immediately.

    7. Arturo says:

      Irritating as all heck!!  Calls every day, including weekends.  Pick up the phone & the dumb people hang up!

    8. Hilario says:

      i just got the same type of call .. someone called my cellphone for my cousin .. said that she was in trouble with the law and that she needs to contact them ASAP .. the lady who called was a "Kelly Barker" claiming she was from The Law Office of Daniel Clemens .. when i called back the number from my office phone a guy answered saying "kevin addison .. or kevin anderson " i definitly think this is an attempt to steal your identity or some sort of scam .. hopefully this website helps you guys as much as it helped me.. thanks !!!1

    9. Elmer says:

      Got a call today from this number and it was a recording saying "hello please hold for the next available operator".  After listening to that 5 times in a row I hung up.

    10. Stephan says:

      Health insurance ad. Probably a scam.

    11. Quentin says:

      The name on my tv screen came up as Henry Mayo - did not know who it was, did not answer, and they left no message. I HATE solicitations!

    12. Jeffrey says:

      You "wanted to know", but now you don't want to know?

    13. Sherwood says:

      same for me "I'm sorry"

    14. Percy says:

      Texted me "Hey (full name) u there?? Haven't heard from u in a while." I know no one from California and I do not know how they know my name.

    15. Francisco says:

      Aug 11 at 7:09 pm received a call from this number. I did not answer the call. They did not leave a message.