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    1. Carlos says:

      Sending unwanted text messages.

    2. Brice says:

      Very nice and pleasant online sales rep. I am a long-time medical marijuana patient and Heather really helped me out a lot. Received my meds the next day and was very satisfied with the high quality, the over amount than I donated for and the fast delivery. No signatures or nothing I just went to my front door and there it was :-) Happy days!

    3. Andres says:

      Tacoma Merchant Processing Account offers Merchant Account, Merchant Services, Credit Card Payments, Payment Online in Tacoma, WA.

    4. Lionel says:

      I rec'd a call from this ph# & only can find it is from a landline from Mich..The caller said asked about my credit cards. When I asked why are you asking about my credit cards. He said he can lower my rates. Then I asked what credit card Co are you calling from he said this isn't a credit card Co.. Then I asked are you a loan Co he said no they are not a loan Co but they work with credit card Companys to lower rates. I said I don't think so & hung up.

    5. Lee says:

      I got a call from (253)-638-27 with a very computer generated voice saying they were Chase bank and my debit card had been locked. well, i don't BANK with Chase and have no debit card to lock! Plus, they called my cell and I only use my landline for things like banking and credit cards, etc.

    6. Kent says:

      REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER! James M Williams3971 Water DriveMillbrook , AL 36054

    7. Jorge says:

      Ronald Jackson from legal department at Pacifico Credit Services left message ion my voice mail saying they have a legal case downloaded against my social identity. That if I fail to call them they will contact my current employer and references. I will lose my job and to call before I find myself behind bars. What a crock.

    8. Marlin says:

      Called and did not leave a message. Returned call and the number is out-of-service. Another SCAM.

    9. Jeremy says:

      Very odd text message claiming to be from my brother...tried to call back without a successful answer

    10. Hai says:

      This number call all freakin day long omg

    11. Erasmo says:

      484-489-2841 is Portfolio Recovery, a less than ehical collection agency that has been assessed 7 figure  regulatory fines in the not too distant past

    12. Daron says:

      called on fax line. credit card renegotiation. definitely spam.

    13. Tuan says:

      I hate when they don't leave a message.

    14. Truman says:

      ANOTHER PACTEL (PACIFIC TELECOM) ILLEGAL SPAM CALL attempting to get CREDIT CARD NUMBERS by offering BOGUS "lowered Interest Rates" on unspecified accounts. PHISHING SCAM. 100% SPAM.

    15. Eric says:

      Called my cell, I did answer the call because it had my hometown on the caller ID. Said he received my number when I setup for a tax ID with the State of Texas. Trying to send me an envelope so I will send him money for hurt firefighters. But, when I asked how he got my # he hung up. He never gave me his name. pretty sure this is a scam.