303-657 Phone Me Not

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    1. Carlos says:

      Sending unwanted text messages.

    2. Brice says:

      Very nice and pleasant online sales rep. I am a long-time medical marijuana patient and Heather really helped me out a lot. Received my meds the next day and was very satisfied with the high quality, the over amount than I donated for and the fast delivery. No signatures or nothing I just went to my front door and there it was :-) Happy days!

    3. Carson says:

      Trying to sell ad space for radio

    4. Mckinley says:

      Google directory telemarketing

    5. Felton says:

      Santander consumer!! Don't answer!!

    6. Amos says:

      keisha skupien would never do that and thats not even her phone number

    7. Robby says:

      They keep texting me blank messages everyday.

    8. Kim says:

      I been left a message two time in the past week from this number. A male voice:
      "Have you ever talked about love with someone you care for? I hope you do."

    9. Graham says:

      wow I'm a Lisa and I missed a call from this number.

    10. Tyrone says:

      Call whenever and@ whatever time they want

    11. Andres says:

      Tacoma Merchant Processing Account offers Merchant Account, Merchant Services, Credit Card Payments, Payment Online in Tacoma, WA.

    12. Lionel says:

      I rec'd a call from this ph# & only can find it is from a landline from Mich..The caller said asked about my credit cards. When I asked why are you asking about my credit cards. He said he can lower my rates. Then I asked what credit card Co are you calling from he said this isn't a credit card Co.. Then I asked are you a loan Co he said no they are not a loan Co but they work with credit card Companys to lower rates. I said I don't think so & hung up.

    13. Jose says:

      I received a call from a man called " Frank " who was to have been a telemarketer from NEW DELHI..... INDIA....... I don't think so. He had very bad English. He ask me some questions about mt home loan.  He then proceded to connect me with another person named " Ken " whose english wasn't much better. He informed me that the reason that I got a call from a " UNKNOWN NUMBER " is because the telemarketer was in INDIA.  I was given a website address......

    14. Reinaldo says:

      Sallie Mae they need to have a live person call to discuss their business instead of a machine

    15. Lee says:

      I got a call from (253)-638-27 with a very computer generated voice saying they were Chase bank and my debit card had been locked. well, i don't BANK with Chase and have no debit card to lock! Plus, they called my cell and I only use my landline for things like banking and credit cards, etc.