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    1. Carlos says:

      Sending unwanted text messages.

    2. Brice says:

      Very nice and pleasant online sales rep. I am a long-time medical marijuana patient and Heather really helped me out a lot. Received my meds the next day and was very satisfied with the high quality, the over amount than I donated for and the fast delivery. No signatures or nothing I just went to my front door and there it was :-) Happy days!

    3. Carson says:

      Trying to sell ad space for radio

    4. Robby says:

      They keep texting me blank messages everyday.

    5. Kim says:

      I been left a message two time in the past week from this number. A male voice:
      "Have you ever talked about love with someone you care for? I hope you do."

    6. Graham says:

      wow I'm a Lisa and I missed a call from this number.

    7. Tyrone says:

      Call whenever and@ whatever time they want

    8. Andres says:

      Tacoma Merchant Processing Account offers Merchant Account, Merchant Services, Credit Card Payments, Payment Online in Tacoma, WA.

    9. Lionel says:

      I rec'd a call from this ph# & only can find it is from a landline from Mich..The caller said asked about my credit cards. When I asked why are you asking about my credit cards. He said he can lower my rates. Then I asked what credit card Co are you calling from he said this isn't a credit card Co.. Then I asked are you a loan Co he said no they are not a loan Co but they work with credit card Companys to lower rates. I said I don't think so & hung up.

    10. Jose says:

      I received a call from a man called " Frank " who was to have been a telemarketer from NEW DELHI..... INDIA....... I don't think so. He had very bad English. He ask me some questions about mt home loan.  He then proceded to connect me with another person named " Ken " whose english wasn't much better. He informed me that the reason that I got a call from a " UNKNOWN NUMBER " is because the telemarketer was in INDIA.  I was given a website address......

    11. Reinaldo says:

      Sallie Mae they need to have a live person call to discuss their business instead of a machine

    12. Lee says:

      I got a call from (253)-638-27 with a very computer generated voice saying they were Chase bank and my debit card had been locked. well, i don't BANK with Chase and have no debit card to lock! Plus, they called my cell and I only use my landline for things like banking and credit cards, etc.

    13. Kent says:

      REGISTERED SEX OFFENDER! James M Williams3971 Water DriveMillbrook , AL 36054

    14. Jorge says:

      Ronald Jackson from legal department at Pacifico Credit Services left message ion my voice mail saying they have a legal case downloaded against my social identity. That if I fail to call them they will contact my current employer and references. I will lose my job and to call before I find myself behind bars. What a crock.

    15. Rodolfo says:

      IC Systems, a debt collector for ATT. This app blocks the call, but saves it in its own blocked calls log. Calls do not show up in regular call log. If they are harassing you, you can sue them. They call from area codes 703, 603, 202, and 208 that I know of.