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    1. Orval says:

      They claim to be with attorney generals office. They claim if I don't call them back I will be arrested

    2. Elias says:

      I can't believe that AT&T would do this to us!  I've received calls from this number but wasn't able to answer the phone.  When AT&T calls, you can clearly see "AT&T" and the number 800-288-2020 which is their number.  It will NOT show up at simply ATT.  Last night after 8pm, I picked up and there was an actual live person on the other end.  She asked for me by name.  Then she started her speech..."I'd like to tell you about AT&T and ask how I can make your phone service better"....or something close to that.  I was very quick to tell her that I was in fact an AT&T employee and didn't need any help at all with my home phone service and please do NOT call this number again...EVER!  And I hung up.  We'll see if that works or not!!  lol

    3. Rodney says:

      Got a txt message saying our card starting with 4492 has been deactivated.

    4. Arturo says:

      I've got a call and couldn't speak.

    5. Sol says:

      Man claims legal case filed against my social security number, bank acct, and license number. I've had this type of scam call before! I ignore them...eventually they'll get the picture! You won't be getting my money!

    6. Francisco says:

      some kind of insurance offer claimed that they got my number from the dmv

    7. Rodrigo says:

      Birch Communications. 2nd call after being asked to stop calling.

    8. Derrick says:

      Picked up to someone speaking Spanish

    9. Thurman says:

      This number reads Invalid from Florida. They've called several times. I never answer. They never leave a message. Annoying.

    10. Aurelio says:

      Selling wedding dress they are interested want me to send item they are going to London and will have there assistant take care of money and send extra 20.00 for time and delay oh ya you have torext cause they are deaf

    11. Brooks says:

      They will not stop texting me.

    12. Jody says:

      foreign assholes committing fraud trying to get your credit card information

    13. Jewel says:

      College that I never heard of

    14. Alfredo says:

      SPAM! Call at the same time every day, never a person on the line. When you call it back, you sit on eternal hold. Each time I've called, I've been on hold over 15 minutes before I give up and hang up the phone.

    15. Chang says:

      this number keeps on call me it's really get on my nerves