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    1. Damon says:

      Yes, this evening I received an obscene call from this number and I would like to report it. I anyone knows anything or has received an unwanted call from this number let me know if you find out anything.

    2. Vincenzo says:

      You no longer can call this person

    3. Dannie says:

      06/21/12 2:20 pm    Came Up "Fresno, CA"   I Didnt Answer, No Message Was Left On My Voicemail.

    4. Allen says:

      Received a call this morning from this number. Man said that I was approved from USA Loans for a $2000.00 loan. All I needed to do was verify some banking information.  These fools think people are stupid. Getting real tired of these jerks. They all are calling from overseas and they all sound like they are from India. I really wish that there was a way to put these people in jail.  Not everyone does their homework when it comes to these scams and get taken for money, that they can't afford.  Please people check these phone numbers online as well as call the companies that they pretend to represent and check for yourselves before giving anyone money that you may or may not owe.  We go to work everyday let these fools get a real job that doesn't hurt others.

    5. Truman says:

      Prank caller. Fake number

    6. Dick says:

      The caller left no message... I screen all calls.

    7. Efren says:

      spam number. some escort number

    8. Blake says:

      The funny thing I don't have the card they're looking for.

    9. Kenton says:

      who is this...i called it back it's just a busy signal

    10. Grover says:

      Received an unwanted email from:

    11. Kris says:

      I received a call this morning and I don't answer it . I check the number by internet and find this forum. If u using android phone, u can put this number in the reject list and u will not get this call again.

    12. Harrison says:

      This # called and left no message.

    13. Lorenzo says:

      I am on the do not call list, and I still get these calls.

    14. Cesar says:

      Left meaasge "This is Nicole call me back at the number I called from"

    15. Cory says:

      second time this month received a call from this number at 5:00 p.m. PST Sept.2, 2007..I  let the answering machine pick the call up as it did with the last call I got from Washington..as before it was a man saying testing..testing 123 .. I called the number and it said it was not a known number?