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    1. Anton says:

      Account information taking

    2. Jermaine says:

      Got a call from this number just a few minutes ago.  Same thing as many of you....Someone says his name is Antonio and needs to put me on hold to bring up my records for extending my warranty and to see if I have done all the recall stuff properly....pushed 2 to take me off the list and also reported it to the DO NOT CALL site...Not that it will do any good though since it was a scammer.

    3. Darwin says:

      "A bunch of nonsense mentioned the department of agriculture and an assessment and will be billed  . . ."

    4. Omar says:

      precisely why there shouldn't be a desopit guarantee! ? without it i can assure you thata) people would only desopit if the rate was worth the riskb) desopitors would keep a closer eye on the banks lendingc) many would depsit in money warehousing/safety desopit/non lending banks for a feed) spread their money around including the mattresswe'd thus have to make do with organic econmic growth not the economic steroids!

    5. Carrol says:

      This number said they were updating high school records and wanted my information. I hung up and called back and said I called a non-working number.

    6. Joel says:

      I get calls from this number at home and on my cell phone ALL THE TIME. They never leave a message, but the caller ID comes up as "Drive 75". Did some online research and it appears that "Drive 75" is a DBA owned by Doris Dates, 744 Southwood Ct, Rochester Hills, MI 48307-2965. I don't know this person and have no idea why she would be calling my home and my cell phone numbers several times a month over the past year. Please stop calling.

    7. Hershel says:

      They didn't say anything just hungup

    8. Tyron says:

      I was given the number by someone on a dating site who asked me to call

    9. Antonia says:

      Got the same with this number 516-395-0695

    10. Bret says:

      Why the hell is there a Do not call list?? I have registered my numbers several time!! This is freaking annoying!!!!!!!!

    11. Erasmo says:

      This called wasnt answer because i was bother by them some week ago about some enternet trafficking

    12. Kenny says:

      Hangs up calls after midnight.

    13. Cesar says:

      Get your free home security system

    14. Alonso says:

      brandy...i just read another post from Kentucky..to validate my point about pdl just go to google and type in this number..760 213 2226 and go to the first page and look for the name of christy caldwell and read her post the atty general told her that a pdl is illegal in Kentucky and she doesn't have to pay them..i just hope you live in one of the states where a pdl is illegal

    15. Kelly says:

      The Number called me no mesaged was left.  But my mom got the same call and she gave me a heads up. about it.