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    1. Stanton says:

      just wondering who sent a message from 1010100026

    2. Gilberto says:

      I got a call from them today. Automated recording talking about card services, and my account being fine, but me needing to contact them about a review, or something like that. I pressed 1, thinking I might get a live person, but it immediately disconnected. I just filed a complaint here...https://complaints.donotcall.gov/complaint/complaintcheck.aspx?panel=2

    3. Sam says:

      I got a call from this number three times now. Have no idea who it is. My phone said it was from Manteca,ca. I don't know anyone in Manteca,ca. But online it said the number iOS from Modesto,ca. So I tried calling back n no one answered. Any idea?

    4. Delbert says:

      Man is a pervert asking to speak to my daughters, looking for a trace on this number please help!!!

    5. Randal says:

      same thing is happening with the above number!

    6. Chase says:

      can't find out who this is and why they keep calling the house...I try the so called FREE reverse phone number check ups and they all want money to let you know who they are.  What a bunch of bull there too.

    7. Edward says:

      Got call on land line at 5:51 pm with ID of DVRP. I did not answer and they did not leave a message. Whomever they are must not think they are important enough to leave me a message.

    8. Abdul says:

      Does any one have any idea which these repeated calls come in?  Who are they?  They never say

    9. Lazaro says:

      Call 5-10 times a day. They just hang up so I'm gonna block em

    10. Floyd says:

      Can't even find and area with the 160 area code

    11. Morgan says:

      Called and didn't leave message. These robot callers don't care about the none-call list....

    12. Malcolm says:

      these guys are part of another calling campaign using an 877 number ....disconnect these harrassers

    13. Jarvis says:

      Keeps calling and don't know them

    14. Billie says:

      What is this? This number calls my CELL PHONE at least twice a DAY. I'm sick of this. INSANITY!

    15. Abraham says:

      I received a call this morning from this number. This isn't the first time. I updated my monster profile last night and it figures they would call this morning. It happened when I first set it up. Its Bankers Casualty something..its a scam. They want to set up an interview. Do NOT do this. If they call again I'm going to block the number and find where I can report it.