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    1. Derek says:

      I got a message ..."about your vehicle"... called back, number disconnected..

    2. Reid says:

      Received two calls from this number today within an hour. You answer, whoever, hangs up. Very annoying !!

    3. Williams says:

      she's nobody i wanna talk to

    4. Heriberto says:

      block everything calls and texts

    5. Fausto says:

      210-2102100  A Texas call...today august 28, 2008 at 11:03AM from this number. Happilly I have the caller ID box and even though it reads "unavailable" for  caller's name, I can see the phone number and with this help, internet and website, I know that I did not miss any important call since I WILL PICK UP THE PHONE FOR UNWANTED CALLS. I DO APPRECIATE YOUR HELP! GOD BLESS YOU!!

    6. Lou says:

      Yes, they've been calling our home phone for about 8 mos. now, always asking for my daughter.  They call during work hours so my daughter never takes the call.  They are trying to collect on some sort of medical procedure that she's never had done anywhere!  We live 5 hours away from the San Antonio area (where the area code is from) and only doctor in our hometown.  The only reason I bother to answer the phone is because we do have family in SA, thinking maybe it's one of them calling...  We've tried, without success, to have our number removed from their call list and have been unable to block their calls.

    7. Tony says:

      Got this text....Your entry last month has WON! Go to http://TargetsPrizes.com/ and enter code 4787 to claim your FREE $1000 Target Gift Card within 24 hours!

    8. Alphonse says:

      I just got this call.  In Feb I was continually harrassed but the number was 559-399-0358. They harrassed me 3 x a week for about 2 weeks.  Then they stopped.  It has been about a month and now this new number is calling.  Threatening messages same spill though.  The guy actually sounds the same as the other number.  I think they are not only scamming people but also are scamming numbers from CA.

    9. Rosendo says:

      dont u fukkn txt her you obviously have sumin to fukkn hide damnit erasing your convos all the time

    10. Jewel says:

      Won't stop.calling turned into Indiana attorney general office

    11. Marcos says:

      is a guy who is. calling all the time

    12. Nestor says:

      Unknown caller...didnt say anything

    13. Otis says:

      I am on the national do not call list and they called

    14. Tod says:

      received 2 calls in the last 2 days...no message left and no idea who this is

    15. Jeremy says:

      They called me 3x in a row and when I looked up the # on the net there was a report that it was a non working #. Same as my experience.