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    1. Donnell says:

      yes, five calls, who is this?

    2. Darrell says:

      this is a prostitute calling

    3. Hollis says:

      called to ask me about a questionnaire

    4. Alberto says:

      caller has called 3 times in past.  last call was today 2/1. at 5:51 pm from Stockton, Ca.  did not answer and no message was left.

    5. Anton says:

      recorded voice mail, 1,500.00 per wk - spam

    6. Rory says:

      This number calls me everyday and doesn't leave a message. When I call back, the number is disconnected.

    7. Dee says:

      Unwanted spam text messages. The web site they direct you to,

    8. Warren says:

      Telemarketing call unwanted

    9. Franklyn says:

      Jeff Hines from 30 Day Funding is a Scammer. Beware and DO NOT send him any money. He is under investigation by local authorities and his accounts were frozen by the bank. He has ripped off a lot of poor people.

    10. Felix says:

      This person called me and I'm not sure who it is. I tried to call it back but it won't let me.

    11. Sal says:

      I received a call today , on my cell phone which is on the DNClist, from this number (Rachel Credit Card Services)and the messege asked me to press one if i want to reduce the interest rate on my cards.  I did.  The guy comes on the line and asked me if I were responding to lowering the interest rate offer, I said no.  I just wanted to tell you that you are IDIOTS.

    12. Booker says:

      I have been receiving these calls since last summer saying they will take me to court within 24-48 hours if I do not respond. I called the number and the guy I spoke to tried to scare me into giving him my debit card information with the 3 digit security # on the back,  to pay 1.849.23 yeah right! I told him to stop caling me or send me the information, then he asked for my address, I hung up, he called back, I hung up again, he called back threatened to call my employer and told me I would be fired, to this day I still get calls, I will not repeat what I say, but he will not give up......

    13. Sherman says:

      Debt collections agency of some sort....

    14. Bennett says:

      Home Security issue( Telemarketers )

    15. Sylvester says:

      Not sure who called but they are not allowed to call my phone. Debt collecters