304-962 Phone Me Not

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    1. Arnoldo says:

      Thanks for the info- helpful

    2. Logan says:

      Got the same charge on my CC for 16.45 for the month of January

    3. Bo says:

      Texting my land line 3 or 4 times. The last one was just a few minutes ago after midnight.

    4. Cristopher says:

      Annoying call. Don't own a honda

    5. Mac says:

      They have called me from this number and other numbers. Say that they have 2 fraud cases associated with my name a ssn. I did have a payday on-line loan and filed bankruptcy on them. They keep calling and saying I will be served a summons at my place of employment or home. I did file a report against them with the FTC. If you file bankruptcy on any kind of loan (except student loans) it is a violation to call .

    6. Gerry says:

      Some college recruitment. I coulnt understand the lady and when I asked her to repeat she hung up.

    7. Benton says:

      I have received too many calls from this number. I do not know who it is and do want them to call me anymore either.Thanks.

    8. Tuan says:

      Just got the same e-mail today posted above dated 10/15/09 from Mary Scott ... yeah, just didn't sound right ... that's why I'm researching.

    9. Delmar says:

      Spanish elementary school,and I have no kids that go there.

    10. Howard says:

      They are doing me the same way what is your name so we can put a stop to it.. My name is Frank

    11. Buford says:

      hi my name ,saying the same thatwww.nosmoke22.com is giving away free e-cig trials.

    12. Michal says:

      I got a call fromt this # from a guy claiming to bee from Ca State Attorney's office informing me that I had a case filed against me. I was supposed to call this Peterson guy for info. I did and i informed him of who i was a why i was calling and that the conversation was being recorded. He immediately became defensive. Accussing me of yelling at him. He told me the sherrifs would be coming to my door and i would be arrested. I told him ok because st least i could see what im being accused of and that serving an individual with papers is usually how a person is served not by telephone. He accused me of being a criminal. I told him to look in the mirror. I asked for his address. Of course he hung up.

    13. Chad says:

      Some promotion in spanish

    14. Orlando says:

      spam to get your personal information

    15. King says:

      Keep asking me For my personal info not Cool